InnoCamp Will Help You Find a Right Place in IT

May 13, 2019 2 min read

Innovecs is launching InnoCamp, an educational development program for IT specialists based on international business practices. It is aimed at improving technical and managerial skills, developing and upgrading qualifications of the company employees, as well as training new talents. The program entails involvement in international projects.

The participation will be free of charge.

In June 2019, Innovecs, a global IT company, launches InnoCamp, an educational development program for IT specialists.

The Innovecs team has created the best training techniques for adults and connected them with the company’s international expertise. All program participants will be trained according to an individual learning path, which includes selected technology and additional training for developing the key skills of the 21st century: creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration. Practical tasks will also be included in the program. The experts and supervisors of InnoCamp stick to the EduScrum methodology, which has already gained global popularity.

“High competition in the global IT market requires everyday knowledge enrichment. We pay extra attention to the formation of innovative management culture and usage of the design thinking methodologies in the teams. The InnoCamp participants will have a great chance to gain mature and progressive experience at the level of the Western business culture best practices by working on specific projects. The access to international experts and highly-qualified IT specialists allows us to build an environment for knowledge implementation and exchange as well as company growth.”
Alex Lutskiy,
Co-founder and CEO at Innovecs

InnoCamp also has a thorough participant selection process. Candidates pass tests to assess their technical skills and their level of English. Those who get the best results are interviewed by our technical expert and talent acquisition specialist. Since the participation is free, such a selection process guarantees the formation of the motivated groups of participants.

“We implement best practices of the work with innovations, international expertise, and the “learning by doing” approach. This is why we emphasize the work of participants within the project teams based on the EduScrum methodology, and the development of creativity and critical thinking. During the whole course of training, participants will work in groups of 4-5 people to solve cases from the Innovecs portfolio. Apart from that, each participant will independently form the direction of training taking into consideration their previous experience.”
Ihor Bekh,
Head of InnoCamp

After successful training completion, InnoCamp participants will continue developing their skills as an Innovecs internship by working with our projects. Moreover, to ensure the fulfillment of the lifelong learning principle that’s of great importance to IT specialists, access to all educational materials will remain open forever.

Now, we plan to launch four training directions: Quality Assurance Manual, Front End, Java, and DevOps. Early bird registration is already available on the InnoCamp website:

This is the second educational project by Innovecs meant to develop the qualifications of IT specialists around Ukraine. Last year, in August, we opened InnoHub, a multimedia environment for holding educational events to exchange knowledge and experience.

About Innovecs

Innovecs is a dynamic global software development company that helps businesses develop, transform, or implement innovations with the help of specific digital solutions.

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