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Digital Summit in Boston: Results that Innovecs Has Delivered

Point of view
Digital Summit – Boston 2019 was packed with tons of great information, insight, and strategic AdTech tools for navigating the constant changes in marketing. There was enough quality information shared to write a book.
John Colon Jr,
VP of Sales – North America

Thus, John outlined the key points of the Digital Summit directed toward content marketing, email marketing, and social media. Let’s discuss each insight in detail.

Content Marketing is Driving Sales More Now Than Ever

While we are all accustomed to hearing by now that we need to be creating and nurturing relationships with our clients by placing a face with our company and brand, additionally getting ourselves out there through video messaging on social media, we are also in the day and age where people are just extremely busy.

Most people are running at a pace that is nothing short of just trying to keep up, and the vast majority of society does not feel they have time to spare for meeting with account executives or reps. Instead, they turn to content for finding answers, researching products and reviews, and making buying decisions.

In fact, 61% of purchase decisions are completed before ever reaching out to sales.

What this means is that quality content is absolutely necessary if you want your business to succeed and sales to continue to move the needle north. Content should at the very least influence, if not have sold your potential client before they even connect with someone in sales.

Welcome Emails Matter

Brands that send a welcome email to each new subscriber have much higher opening and conversion rates than those that neglect this simple task. Currently, 43% of companies aren’t sending these emails to their subscribers. They are missing out on big opportunities because of this.

In fact, those that include a welcome email experience 4x the open rate, 5x higher click-through rate, and a 33% increase in long-term engagement.

So, what happens when those companies start sending out real-time emails rather than batched welcome emails. Those companies see 10x more from transaction rates and revenue per email.

Those are pretty compelling figures and should be more than enough for your company to jump on the welcome email train and set those emails up to go out in real-time.

Get Your Staff on Social Media

In a world of social media, every additional like, comment, share, or retweet matters. The more of those you get, the more visible your content and brand will become.

It can be difficult within your own organization to get your staff on board with following your page, let alone liking and sharing your posts. However, those individuals are your closest network, and if you can get them to share, your social media campaigns will only grow much faster.

Organizations that experience team members sharing posts from the company page see 8x higher engagement in their campaigns and a 561% increase in their reach.

If that isn’t enough to make you want to get team members on board, this might be:

Employees of socially engaged organizations are 20% more likely to stay. 27% of them are much more optimistic about their future within your company, and 40% see your brand as more competitive when you are active on social media.

Point of view
While these are just the top 3 things I learned at Digital Summit Boston 2019, there was a lot more valuable information gathered.
John Colon Jr,
VP of Sales – North America

Bottom Line

Our company specializes in AdTech and MarTech. Innovecs has successfully completed projects for companies as AnyClip and Captify.

If you missed Digital Summit but want to know more about upcoming trends in the industry or receive expert consultation, feel free to contact John Colon Jr via email: john.colon@innovecs.com