“Remove distractions and devote yourselves to the task,” — Oleksandr Lekhtsier, Junior QA Manual at Innovecs

October 27, 2021 1 min read

Both in the office and at home, there is always something that does not allow us to immerse ourselves in tasks. New videos, a message from a friend, a sticker from the family, an invitation to a meeting, feedback from the team — all this arrives with different sounds on our devices. It is easy to get distracted even for ten seconds, and restoring concentration is far from being easy and quick. We asked Oleksandr Lekhtsier, Junior QA Manual at Innovecs, what helps him stay Focused.

— How does Focused manifest itself in people?

When a person is focused, it can be seen immediately. A person is busy with one thing, answers all questions, and can immediately offer a solution.

— What’s the hardest part about being Focused?

In order not to be distracted and stay focused, you need to eliminate all external distractions. Notifications are plentiful from Instagram, Telegram, Youtube, and so on. The silence from these apps, while you work, will help you stay fully focused on your tasks and your goal. For example, in chess, the player closely monitors the position. One does not see who is around and watches the game and does not hear the whispers of people. A focused player is completely immersed in the course of the tournament.

— What helps you stay Focused?

If the goal is large and long-term, it is better to break it down into stages and move towards it gradually. If the goal is to make a million, then you need to start with a thousand, then strive for a hundred thousand, and eventually come to the desired amount.

— What do you need to do to become Focused?

Much depends on our inner world — on what kind of people we are. Partially, the ability to be focused can be traced back to upbringing. I like being responsible. I believe you can start being Focused by setting a small goal. By removing everything that gets in the way and pulls you back, you can invest your attention and other resources for maximum productivity.