Certified Teams: The Deep Value Beyond Badges for Innovecs Clients

April 8, 2024 5 mins

Global certification plays a crucial role in shaping a professional’s identity, serving as more than just a benchmark of expertise. It’s about bringing structure to one’s knowledge, bridging skill gaps, and achieving proficiency in the practical aspects and latest updates of a specific area. Importantly, it ensures alignment with international standards, making it a cornerstone of professional development. As per “The Value of Training” report by IBM, boosting team skills by a third significantly improves the chances of achieving goals, increasing the likelihood from 10% to a full 100%. 

The importance of continuous learning cannot be overstated. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, 50% of all professionals will require retraining due to the rapid pace at which knowledge becomes obsolete — currently estimated at every six months. Skills are increasingly becoming the currency of the professional world. Investment in them enables individuals and companies to boost their capabilities and open doors to new contracts, projects, and client opportunities.

Certification Impact on Client Success

At Innovecs, we’re keenly attuned to global trends, setting our specialists apart in the marketplace. Our team primarily consists of T-shaped professionals with broad skills across various domains and deep expertise in one or two specific areas. For instance, our Fullstack specialists are proficient in Front-End, Back-End, and DevOps, along with deep knowledge of frameworks, programming languages, and more. They might also have specialized expertise in areas like security, and penetration testing or have a detailed understanding of sectors such as fintech, healthcare, or logistics.

Our specialists boast a wide-ranging perspective coupled with deep specialization. We encourage certification in areas that match their skill sets, understanding that technical specialization alone doesn’t define success. It’s a blend of skills that matters — combining business acumen, soft skills, and technical abilities. 

That’s why many of our engineers are certified in key frameworks for project management, such as Scrum, Professional Scrum Product Owner, and Professional Scrum Master. This not only provides a solid, qualified approach to technical solutions and a strong technical background but also ensures effective project management.

This approach simplifies our development process, reducing client costs and optimizing their investments by integrating efficient project management with technical expertise.

Ensuring Top-Quality Services and Products

Quite recently, we achieved Advanced Tier Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. We pride ourselves on having specialized certifications for our QA specialists. A highlight for Innovecs was becoming the ISTQB Platinum Partner in 2021, a significant milestone showcasing our commitment to excellence with over 30 ISTQB-certified QA specialists. Our development process emphasizes quality testing, supported by certified professionals in nearly all Innovecs teams. 

Our certifications are globally recognized, encompassing various aspects of quality testing and assurance critical in every development cycle. Whether it’s validating hypotheses or presenting solutions to potential clients, our approach to quality testing ensures we meet our clients’ needs precisely.

We annually analyze certification growth and individual progress, leveraging deep analytics on the courses completed by our staff. This insight into their learning paths and course directions shows that Innovecs engineers collectively hold over 100 certifications, with every sixth team member being certified.

Boosting Loyalty through Quality Talent Selection

Our clients’ trust and confidence stem from our approach to selecting our engineers. We embrace a Talent Acquisition strategy, focusing on a skills-based approach rather than merely analyzing requirements and responsibilities. This means we evaluate our candidates’ skills using our scorecards and work with this skillset throughout the employee’s lifecycle within the company.

We track the level of these skills from the selection phase and monitor how they evolve annually through our performance review cycle. This allows us to tailor learning trajectories, recognize engineers who excel in specific tech stacks or technical skills, and track their progression.

From the initial contact, where our sourcer screens candidates and assesses skill sets through the evaluation, selection, and development phases, as an individual joins the Innovecs team, and even when parting ways, employees understand their skill levels. They can assess their progression via performance review results and skill sets in our information system, understanding how to continue their development. This commitment to continuous learning represents our contribution as a company to the professional growth of our team.

Strengthening Expertise and Maximizing Benefits

Consider the evolution of certification preparation. Today, we offer innovative learning technologies like Cloud Quest, a game reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, where players embark on missions, face challenges, interact with virtual clients, and construct infrastructure from discovered artifacts, earning points to upgrade their avatars. These flexible, device-agnostic programs, provided by our vendor partners, align with their standards, reducing the time investment for training while enhancing practical outcomes.

We craft customized learning paths from microlearning modules, similar to building with LEGO blocks, to create tailored educational trajectories. This flexibility allows us to update or replace courses to maintain relevance, supported by Individual Development Plans (IDP) that track progress through these learning blocks.

Managers can monitor progress and challenges completed, with IDPs highlighting practical applications of acquired knowledge. In collaboration with HR business partners or our Learning Development team, we devise activities to translate knowledge into practical skills and actions, focusing not just on certification, like AWS Developer, but on applying these skills to reduce infrastructure costs, speed up application loading times, improve bug detection processes, and more.

Investing in the Future

Training is a key tool for team building and retaining skilled talent within any organization, as continuous learning fosters interest and curiosity. A learning individual generates new ideas, which can transform into innovative solutions. This aligns with our core value of innovation, emphasizing out-of-the-box thinking.

Our team is closely knit, supporting not only individual knowledge and skills but also team competencies, ensuring balance and preventing disparities in progress. Long-term project teams tend to be more harmonious, making more educated members valuable advisors and idea generators for clients.

Investing in learning also enhances team reliability and flexibility, preventing the disintegration often seen in teams that neglect training. High turnover can lead to operational disruptions, increased technical debt, and slower solution delivery. Our approach as HR business partners adds value for our clients.

All in all, certification distinguishes professionals by providing them with a uniform, comprehensive skill set that crosses borders — whether they’re geographical, national, or organizational. This ensures they meet the exacting standards of software vendors and professional bodies alike. It’s precisely this level of preparedness and standardization that enables Innovecs’ certified teams to develop tailored solutions for our clients. Armed with top-tier expertise, they are adept at navigating the complex global challenges that define our times.