Value of Delivery: The Real Impact of Engineering Culture on Clients’ Business

March 22, 2024 4 mins

As the Engineering Director at Innovecs, I’ve seen firsthand how our unique engineering culture directly influences our clients’ businesses. Clients choose us for reasons that go beyond technical expertise; they stay with us because of the deeper values we bring to every project. In this article, I’ll explore the core principles and practices that make our approach so effective and enduring. We’ll delve into why our way of working not only satisfies immediate needs but also fosters long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

Wide-Ranging Expertise

Our expertise spans an impressively wide spectrum of technologies, frameworks, domain techniques, and practices. This diverse prowess is a foundational reason why clients choose us and stay loyal. Our capabilities extend from wide-ranging technical knowledge to specialized domain expertise in fields like logistics, fintech, hi-tech, gaming, and healthcare, to name a few. Clients recognize and value the high caliber of our experts. Additionally, our specialists are not just skilled in their fields but also excel as collaborative team players.

Adaptability and Soft Skills

Flexibility and adaptability in meeting our clients’ needs are key facets of our approach at Innovecs. We liken our company’s mindset and methods to clay, ready to be molded to fit any situation. Every client is treated with a personalized touch; we carefully adapt our management and processes, selecting engineering teams equipped with the right soft skills for the job. Our goal is to create a perfect, harmonious match, which starts with our meticulous team selection process, ensuring that a crucial initial connection is felt. In this tailor-made environment, our clients are met with dedication, deep involvement, and a palpable sense of ownership from our team.

Cost-Value Proposition

In the competitive landscape, Innovecs distinguishes itself with an exceptional cost-value proposition given our robust combination of skills, expertise, and the array of additional services we offer. Feedback from our clients, a driving force behind our continuous improvement, consistently points to this cost efficiency as a key factor in their high recommendations of our services. Our thorough customer satisfaction surveys underscore this, showing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of about 97% — a remarkable figure, especially considering the average norm is 50%. Such impressive metrics reflect our ability to blend affordable pricing with a suite of services that not only meet but often exceed our clients’ expectations.

Engineering Excellence

Within our engineering team, we have established Centers of Competence (CoC) and Innovation (CoI) led by Eoghan O’Donnell. Eoghan’s role is to ensure the relevance and consistency of our best practices. Everyone joining our team quickly becomes familiar with our high standards and quality definitions. This approach ensures we provide each client with a steady and systematic service. Beyond experts and architects, we provide delivery managers, which means our clients enjoy a complete team-as-a-service experience. Our robust leadership handles all aspects of process control, competence, and engagement, ensuring high-quality delivery without client stress. Just this year, our people have achieved over 300 certifications, which reflects our culture, worldview, and vision of ourselves in the global context.

Architectural Consulting

Beyond managed resources and background activities, our clients often require insight into scaling applications, cloud migrations, and cost optimization. Our cloud department provides consultancy, assisting in proper migration to the cloud, which can sometimes save up to 50% of costs. Indeed, inefficient architecture and cloud solutions can be costly in many ways. By partnering with us, clients gain access to skilled architects focused on efficient optimization, significantly reducing costs and making a notable difference for the business.

Human-Centric Management

At Innovecs, we recognize that high-quality resources alone don’t guarantee success; it’s the skillful management of these resources that truly drives results. Our leaders are dedicated to cultivating trustful, mutually beneficial relationships, ensuring a positive outcome for all parties involved. We strive for the perfect blend of professional expertise and genuine human connections, prioritizing the latter in our interactions. Our emphasis on personal connections over strictly professional attributes allows us to navigate and solve complex challenges effectively. We steer clear of dry, impersonal reporting and bureaucratic processes. Instead, we champion vibrant, direct communication — fostering real, human-to-human connections, which pretty much defines who we are as a company.


Our primary focus at Innovecs is the continuous reinforcement of the qualities that make us a first-choice partner for our clients. We approach management not as a testing ground but as a platform for demonstrating our ideals. Every key role is filled by individuals who are not only loyal but also deeply resonate with our values, understand their responsibilities, and consistently perform. These leaders nurture teams that not only meet but go above and beyond client expectations, creating high-level, lasting client relationships.