“Caring is a balance between the goals of the organization, and the team” — Andrii Troianov, Delivery Manager at Innovecs

November 30, 2021 2 min read

The comfort of the company’s employees goes far beyond a comfortable workplace, coffee, and goodies. Caring for people is a broad concept that includes the emotional state and atmosphere in the team, unity, common worldviews, and more. A happy team that is taken care of is a must for today’s business. We talked to Andriy Troianov, Delivery Manager at Innovecs, and asked him what it means to be genuinely Caring.

— What is Caring?

— As a manager, first and foremost, you have to provide two things for your team. The first is the physical conditions for performing the work, such as, equipment, software, licenses, physical space so that everyone feels this comfort zone for themselves. And the second thing that grows out of the first one is emotional comfort. If the first aspect helps people with their job responsibilities, emotional comfort ties the goals of employees to the goals of the project to move in one direction.

— What’s the hardest part about being Caring?

— If you do not align the goals I mentioned above, then the project and the people involved in it are moving in different directions. If a person has certain expectations and the project has other goals, you need to find a certain correlation between what people do and a project. Caring is exactly that balance.

— What helps you stay Caring?

— First, it is self-motivation. When I see my personal goals in a perfect match with the goals of the organization, it helps me to remain an emotionally sensitive person for the whole team.

— Why is it cool to be Caring?

— Caring is first and foremost about creating an atmosphere. You can arrange it with the help of working and non-working team building. Caring is manifested in finding a thin and invisible boundary of social unity and trying to produce it in your team. The kickback of the team is very important because it is not a one-way street. Not only the manager must play his role in uniting the team, but also the employees themselves must collaborate with each other, determine the necessary conditions for the tasks, ask you questions, and more. It’s much cooler to see people solve these issues on their own because the team is evolving. You as a manager are needed for extraordinarily difficult tasks. It’s nice when a team is a whole, both in and out of work.

— What do you need to do to become Caring?

— You need to hone your emotional intelligence and start with your own self-awareness and move towards self-control. You also need to be honest with the people you work with. It is necessary to show that your intentions and goals are the sincerest. You can’t approach people with falseness. It is also essential to be prepared for the fact that Caring is not easy. You have to tackle this challenge for yourself.

Be Specific, Be Caring!