Benefits of Cloud Managed Services Providers

October 13, 2020 8 min read

Cloud migration has become mainstream for most modern companies as they reap many benefits from the cloud solutions – from fast deployment to reducing costs, and to on-demand scalability of the business. Such an increasing demand for cloud and the desire to cut capital costs fuel cloud managed services (CMS) market growth. It is going to double in the next five years, reaching US$116.2 billion, showing annual growth of 13.3% during the 2020-2025 period.

However, businesses face plenty of concerns associated with moving applications and data storage to the cloud, including complexity, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity issues, low ROI, and more.

To combat these challenges, companies can seek professional assistance from cloud solutions providers who turn time-consuming migration into a smooth and efficient process. Innovecs can become a trusted CMS company and help you develop a concept, build and maintain a fully-scalable customized platform to operate essential business workloads in the cloud.

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What Is Cloud Managed Services?

To learn the importance of outsourcing cloud services, we decided to make sure the terms managed services provider and cloud management are differentiated:

  • A managed service provider (MSP) is an outsourced third-party company responsible for delivering a limited set of IT services set to its clients. It is a strategic approach to enhancing operations common for big and medium-size companies, non-profit corporations, and governments.
  • CMS provider is a third-party company developing the software to operate and monitor the clients’ applications, data, and IT workloads residing in the cloud. Cloud MSP agencies offer tools for optimal and accurate functioning of cloud-based resources while ensuring the smooth interaction between users and other intermediaries.

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CMSs allow organizations to expand capabilities that they lack and to reduce costs associated with specific labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. These services optimize ongoing internal IT costs, transform IT operations, and automate business processes to enable enterprises to achieve their business goals.

9 Cloud Managed Services Benefits

Outsourcing a cloud managed services provider may be a great deal beneficial for your business. Let’s find out some of the biggest pros of CMSs:

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1. Operational Cost Savings
By hiring a managed cloud services company, you minimize unreasonable network maintenance expenses and gain more control over money spending. Moreover, keeping an IT expert team in the office is costly and often useless for small to mid-sized enterprises with simple infrastructures. Additionally, cloud agencies provide sufficient hardware for running apps, managing data, and servers, so that customers don’t have to invest in priceless equipment anymore.

2. Predictable Spending and Scalability
CMSs are flexible and easily scalable. A cloud MSP gives business executives the freedom to choose what IT services to purchase and have a clear vision of monthly payments. For example, a marketplace has a spike in demand during Black Friday weekend and has to augment its IT system opportunities in order to keep up with the inflow of online orders.

With a subscription-based service tailored to meet your needs and budget, companies’ leaders can optimize the spending for IT maintenance.

3. Cloud Cybersecurity Support
Cybersecurity is a top concern of any business, as cybercrimes groat at a very rapid scale each year. One computer attack happens every 39 seconds, while 78 percent of US organizations have undergone an attack.

Companies reasonably try to do their best to preserve their security systems’ immutability. But often they lack the skills to achieve best-in-class protection. In contrast, every managed cloud services provider has in-depth knowledge of controlling cloud security operations. Therefore, a trusted vendor like Innovecs can help you run your cloud workloads safely.

4. Team of Skilled Talents In Place
Cloud migration means you provide your IT environment and data center with the latest techs beforehand. While in-house IT specialists may need a considerable amount of time to learn new technologies for their implementation, outsourced cloud IT experts already have their hands-on advanced solutions to manage them successfully.

5. Reliable Infrastructure Around-the-Clock
Cloud managed services vendors offer a reliable and continuously functioning network infrastructure management. Moreover, hired cloud MSP allows businesses to utilize the infrastructure without buying costly hardware themselves. Cloud providers configure and control your network and take full responsibility for the migration process, hardware equipment, and team education.

6. Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRaaS)
When asking companies why they move to the cloud, 38% of the adopters name disaster recovery as one of the top reasons. Servers on the premises are costly, cumbersome, and require elaborate recovery procedures in case of a disaster. On the contrary, remotely managed services ensure that your data is stored safely and securely across all assets moved to the cloud. This means that undesirable events can hardly affect the continuity of your business.

7. Centralized Access to IT Workloads
Managed cloud services vendors assume responsibility for the client’s software and other resources in one data repository. The increased availability of the networks leaves space for additional benefits such as improved employee productivity, real-time data access from any device and anywhere, adequate storage and recovery functions, and more.

8. Compliance
Staying compliant with stringent security standards like GDPR and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a real challenge for companies. Firms that deliver top-notch cloud managed services take responsibility for ensuring cloud cybersecurity and full adherence to regulations by getting to know your business and designing customized solutions.

9. Quick Response Time
Combating issues related to IT resources handled on-premises differs from doing so over the distributed in a cloud network. If dealing with CMS vendors, you delegate these tasks to them and they, in turn, ensure quick response time when any issue occurs. This way, customers save costly time and effort.

How To Choose A Good Cloud MSP

Around 87% of enterprises making a switch to cloud now utilize several clouds and therefore fuel the popularity of hybrid models. The rise of the multi-cloud model results in more sophisticated environments, making it difficult for cloud providers to keep up with the growing demand.

Anyway, the assistance of cloud MSPs is the solution for those longing for a customized cloud platform. Usually, top-ranking MSP suppliers possess a broad spectrum of skills, resources, and management tools.

The modern and future MSPs should have a holistic approach to client’s needs and offer a vast array of competencies – from managing on-premises and remote IT resources to handling multiple clouds at the same time and most effectively. They need to be flexible, compliant, cost-effective, and productive.

Below you can find the core competencies an exceptional cloud MSP must have in place:

Ability To Handle Multiple Clouds At Once
If a cloud vendor offers various pri­vate cloud models, it won’t be easy to combine those operating strategies. The task of a cloud MSP is to control workloads in disparate clouds and data centers and minimize the risk of revealing cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Ability to Respond To New Requirements Quickly
Companies may have common business goals, but every imple­mentation varies. That is why an MSP with a profound experience should adapt to every new customer and its requirements. A customer-company may choose the tools to be integrated and the MSP should fit these needs.

If the client wants to use on-prem instruments, the cloud managed services provider should have available resources to automate them. Flexibility is what ever-changing customer demands seek when looking for a custom cloud solutions provider.

Providing 24/7 Security and Compliance Monitoring
Modern businesses cannot afford gaps in security systems, as data breaches and hacker attacks cost too much. As IBM states, US$3.86 million is an average global cost of a data breach. This is why security and compliance have to be thoroughly checked and monitored all the time.

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Public clouds are famous for many problems due to the high level of accessibility. A reliable cloud MSP has to be ready for round-the-clock management to ensure the safety and inviolability of the data and apps operated remotely.

Offering An Effective Cost Management
Cost optimization in a single cloud environment is easy and straightforward, unlike in multi-cloud infrastructures. The latter requires a company-wide approach to management. A cloud MSP has to offer the most suitable cost optimization plan that will work for multiple clouds and will meet your business goals.

Summary: Why Choosing Innovecs as a Trusted Cloud MSP

The cloud is a buzzword of recent years and modern MSPs try to align with customers’ needs quickly. However, cloud environments become more complicated, and data centers still play a role. Cloud MSPs have to offer outstanding hybrid cloud models to sophisticated demand. Anyway, alliance with cloud provider brings a great deal of value:

  • Reduced Costs – Outsourcing cloud services is usually more cost-effective than staffing in-house IT experts.
  • 24/7 Security Maintenance – Another duty of a cloud MSP is continuous security monitoring.
  • Predictable Spending – Hiring a cloud managed services provider, a customer-company pays a monthly price, tailored for business and budget.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – Cloud allows scaling the resources up or down on demand, allowing businesses to work effectively and implement the most advanced techs.
  • Reliable Infrastructure – Cloud MSP maintains full control of a client’s network, resolves problems as they appear remotely.
  • Team of Experts – With a team of skilled developers and administrators, MSPs are ready to implement any of the advanced solutions.
  • Disaster Recovery – Cloud MSP protects your critical data and keeps it secure throughout the entire infrastructure.
  • Compliance – Cloud MSPs take the responsibility for ensuring cybersecurity and full adherence to regulations.
  • Fast Response Times – CMS vendors allow for quick response time when any problem occurs.

Innovecs offers a customized, cost-efficient, and robust business strategy to help you stay competitive in a fast-pacing market. Data and IT resources migration isn’t easy as one two three. By partnering with us, you get a detailed migration plan and technical experts’ team for developing a custom cloud management solution tailored to your business objectives.


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