Outsource Your Custom Healthcare Software Development to Innovecs

As a healthcare software developer, Innovecs understands the industry’s challenges and is vastly experienced in overcoming them. By outsourcing software development to Innovecs, you will find a reliable solution partner that builds and supports end to end.

Healthcare Software Helps


Enhance Real-Time Monitoring


IoT devices will help to reduce the need for real-time monitoring of the patients’ health. Medical software developers can incorporate data from any third-party hardware into your solution.


Protect Sensitive Data


Healthcare stands out among other industries due to its compliance towards high profile security standards. Providers of custom healthcare software services help meet all the requirements.


Embellish Predictions with AI


AI-based solutions, on top of big data, are designed to complement clinician judgment and data research. Healthcare software developers can enhance your solution with machine learning algorithms.


Benefit from Integrated Solutions


Since there is no single tool used by all the healthcare providers, they need to integrate different solutions into one infrastructure. Medical software development companies will enforce this seamlessly.

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Individual Practitioners Need Solutions for Their Needs
Individual practitioners and their communities are interested in the development of solutions that allow them to serve their patients better and increase the number of clients.

Usually, these doctors need custom healthcare software to help not only with coding but with delivering technical specifications, too.

In this case, Innovecs thoroughly investigates business processes that must be facilitated with software and recommends the technology stack to use. If individual practitioners don’t have tech teams to support their innovative endeavors, Innovecs takes responsibility for the entire healthcare software development to deliver the ready-to-use product.

Hospitals Require Custom Multitask Medical Solutions
Most medical institutions are looking to customize their platforms to better pursue their current business needs. Often, they need a healthcare software development services that not only develop a solution but incorporates it in their current system.

Innovecs is experienced in both. We design all solutions from scratch and take into consideration the specifications of the master platform. As a result, Innovecs tailors conflict-free healthcare software that successfully expands the functionality of the existing medical platform.

Local Bodies Drive Healthcare Digital Transformation
Governing institutions are interested in indicators such as reducing patients' waiting time, increasing access to healthcare, or even increasing the number of beds. Generally, local bodies are keen to adopt digital transformation to healthcare. For this endeavor, singular developers are not an option. Teams that can complement each other and collaborate effectively are a much better choice.

By having experience in both outsourcing and outstaffing, Innovecs can become an efficient part of the team working on product development to contribute its expertise to the development process.

Improve waiting times and the quality of service delivered by clinicians by efficiently exposing digital data from your solutions to relevant third-party platforms, whilst maintaining data harmonization, security, privacy, and auditability. Outsource your data handling and orchestration needs to healthcare industry.
Integrated solutions
Shared knowledge base
Patient data ecosystem
Data security
Healthcare Software Development
Reduce visit time by analyzing the patient’s symptoms and arranging their visits, accordingly. Identify profitable niches in your business to enhance your revenue streams. Attract more patients with an easier booking process and the implementation of online consultations. Integrate different solutions into your platform with the help of healthcare software developers.
Real-time reports
Dashboard visualization
Scheduling optimization
Online consultations
Empower your patients to monitor their health. Improve the quality of your treatment by incorporating AI-driven recommendations. Take care of your patients 24/7 by remotely analyzing their real-time health conditions. Remind your patients to take pills on time. Optimize your insurance payments by consolidating patients’ self-monitoring data. Benefit from healthcare mobile app development.
Reminders and notifications
Internet of things
Big data
Real-time consultations


Danny Ogen
VP of R&D at Ummanu Health
Healthcare at Innovecs

If you need custom healthcare software, Innovecs will help. Innovecs’ engineers have already participated in the development of a variety of healthcare projects, they can seamlessly augment your team.

By implementing their expertise across big data and machine learning, augmented reality and internet of things, you can considerably enhance the functionality of your healthcare solution.



We are ready to discuss the requirements of your healthcare project. Just drop us a line.


Outsourcing Software Development in Healthcare vs In-house

Usually, providers looking for healthcare software developers are faced with a choice of whether to hire an internal team or delegate this task to external specialists.

It’s acknowledged that in-house development teams allow retention of knowledge and skill. However, the challenge is evident – finding skilled talent with domain experience is expensive and time-consuming.

By outsourcing healthcare software development services to Innovecs, you receive a professional, proven agile team at a fair price. Our clients value us for our commitment toward delivery excellence, industry knowledge, and collaboration.

Stay Agile While Developing Healthcare Software Solutions

It is important to use an iterative approach while developing medical software solutions, which aligns with the industry’s dynamism and any local peculiarities. However, even with agile sprints, product architecture and compliances must be designed as a cohesive whole to keep the solution’s logic intact.

Medicine remains highly legalized, so healthcare software solutions must be developed according to the local legislation system and quickly adapted to any changes, including expansion.

Being under the scrutiny of innovators, healthcare companies developing custom healthcare apps must promptly react to any cutting-edge technologies and adopt them into their solutions.

The Key Focus: Business Goals vs Health Software Development

Every company developing custom medical software must balance between business and product. By wasting energies on the product quality and the healthcare software development process, companies may spread their resources too thin and might miss commercial opportunities.

Lack of customers’ knowledge may lead to poorly developed features. Similarly, a wrong marketing approach can result in an insufficient client base.

By delegating the product creation to a healthcare mobile app development firm, a company can concentrate on its business goals. Time spent on customer analysis and marketing research will be rewarded more than those required for software engineering.

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Software Development Portfolio in the Medical Field
The expertise of an engineering partner can be confirmed by its portfolio in the healthcare industry.

Developers with vast amounts of experience, like Innovecs, will not only deliver the code, but it will provide its clients with the professional consulting services on both industry and expertise peculiarities.

Innovecs commences engagements with a Discovery stage to analyze the client’s challenges and identify the best solution, with a best-fit, scalable, and sustainable architecture.

With its experience in healthcare app development, Innovecs will assist on any stage, from an idea concept review and assessment to multi-level integration.

Healthcare Software Developer Team and Its Expertise
While choosing medical software developers, you can acquire specialists of different skill sets.

Innovecs’ team consists mainly of senior and middle engineers, which allows the company to craft market-ready solutions quickly. Regular synchronization with an R&D team allows developers to adopt the latest cutting-edge technologies.

If you need highly-specialized engineers with a certain skill set, Innovecs will build a team with the required characteristics from one to four weeks. Its current workforce consists of more than 600 developers. Moreover, it has a vast amount of experience in effective hiring, which makes the employment process easy and fast.

Communication with a Medical Software Development Company
Since healthcare software development is a long process, communication between you as a client and your service provider must be efficient and unobscured.

At Innovecs, we provide every client with a dedicated account manager to quickly react to any changes. Moreover, daily standups and weekly reporting keep a customer informed about all the updates.

As for the pre-deal stage, it usually takes from two to four weeks if a client provides medical software developers with all the requirements. This stage is needed to scrutinize your challenges and technical specifications. Also, it allows for the detection of any inconsistencies.