Electronic Signatures for Financial Institutions

Accelerate the Documents Processing Using Secure e-Signatures

Electronic signatures are an essential part of an enterprise digitization strategy. Among financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes, there is tremendous interest in going digital when dealing with paperwork. We, at Innovecs, are ready to help you implement a secure and regulatory compliant e-Signature solution into the daily workflow of your organization.

Use Cases of E-signatures for Financial Industry




Electronic signatures make it simple for banks to streamline new account openings, optimize the lending process, and offer top-notch customer service. Additionally, it helps to reduce operating costs and time, as well as substantially improve compliance conditions.


Credit unions


E-signature technology speeds up the processing of consumer loan applications, internal approvals, employee agreements, new organization policies. Also, digital signatures enhance employee and customer satisfaction and help to earn more.


Wealth management


Using electronic signatures, wealth management companies reap benefits by streamlining new accounts, authorizing transactions, transferring money, and getting more assets under management faster.


Digital mortgage


As more mortgages and refinances switch to online operations for enhanced convenience and speed, e-signatures are the perfect solution to bring the digital experience into the customer’s home and make it convenient, secure, and compliant.

Benefits of Digital Signatures for Financial Companies
Financial institutions (FIs) are now offering their customers safer, more comfortable and faster services as compared to previous years, thanks to the digitization. Embracing electronic signatures for financial management makes things easier in terms of executing financial affairs, predicting financial trends and meeting the demands of tech-savvy clients.
Enhanced Security
Automation and Cost Reduction
Regulatory Compliant Services
Improved Transparency and Client Loyalty
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Biggest Challenges in Financial Sector and Tech Solutions to Overcome Them
The financial services market has seen radical technology-led changes over the past few years. Many leaders look to their IT departments to improve performance and promote game-changing innovation – while somehow reducing costs and, at the same time,  continuing to use legacy systems. “To succeed in this rapidly changing landscape, IT executives will need to agree with the rest of the management team on the posture they wish to adopt. Will they try to be industry leaders, fast followers, or will they just react? Whichever direction they choose, they will need to devise a clear strategy to move forward.” FS Tech 2020 and Beyond: Embracing disruption Meantime, fintech startups are disrupting the established markets, leading with user-centric solutions developed from scratch and unencumbered by legacy platforms. Customers have certain expectations and are now necessitating better services, seamless experiences regardless of channel, and more value for their money. Also, regulators demand more from the industry and have started to adopt new technologies that will transform their ability to gather and analyze data. And the pace of drastic change is not even at the peak. There is no doubt that technology is affecting financial services in multiple ways. The PWC report suggests ten key influencers that IT executives need to address while strategic planning for 2020 and beyond.Each of these drivers is likely to change financial services companies and their management teams in far-reaching ways. And while each can have a disproportionately strong effect on a given country, customer set, or industry sector, they all present opportunities for the thinking executive to go ahead. Knowing a robotics era is coming, for example, you have a choice: to harness the innovation, or to see others benefit from a global shift. The section below sets up challenges around these ten influencers: to know them, get ready for them, and see how to employ them to get a competitive advantage.
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Need Help with Moving to Digital Signatures?
If you are looking for a trusted software development partner to implement a digital solution for signing documents electronically, we are ready to help. Send us your requirements so that we can prepare the best proposal for your needs.