The essential tips for investing: “Never take more risk than necessary to reach your goals”

August 12, 2022 5 min read

Managing an investment portfolio demands deep expertise, good skill, and risk-taking, especially at the initial stage of investing. It is a familiar point for startup founders, entrepreneurs, IT directors, and those who investigate the initial investing options or consider increasing financial prosperity. However, to simplify and make it easier to start investing, it is pivotal to follow the advice of financial experts who have overcome a similar path and can share their experiences.

A brilliant opportunity to meet such experts was given due to organizing Investment For Techies in 2022: Innovecs Conference held on 30 June on the interactive platform Party.Space. Over 100 participants, 6 speakers, and almost 4 hours to gain useful information.

How to manage an investment portfolio, is it efficient to invest in art, what do angel investments literally mean, and which are the prospects of crypto investing and investing in global stock markets? These are just some of the issues that were discussed during the event. If you would like to receive a video recording of the conference, fill out a form:

Crypto: prospects&risks

“For investments, you need to choose the right time, and the market will offer you a discount sooner or later. I recommend not listening to someone while building your portfolio, as this can be a fraught loss. Even if the assets are spoken about worldwide, it’s worse not to buy them then. The main thing is to wait for the right moment and open positions according to your strategic plan. Talking about bitcoin, it offers, and will continue to offer, opportunities for buying in the long term” — said Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of EXMO.

Over 100,000 unique users per year are trading on his global cryptocurrency exchange. In January 2021, trading volume exceeded $1.5 billion. Due to Sergiy`s experience in audit and consulting services, the global cryptocurrency exchange is thriving and successful. During the conference, he told about crypto investment prospects.

Sergiy recommended avoiding purely speculative assets. His main rule is to invest in valuable projects which are profitable in the long term. Usually, such kinds of projects have sufficient demand. Moreover, with good management, they provide significant gains to their investors. The speaker highlighted that choosing the right time for investment is pivotal. On average, global crises occur once every 8-10 years, and after this period, there is an excellent opportunity to buy at low prices.

From an expert`s point of view, crypto is a risky investment, though it is simpler than bank systems. For cryptocurrency trading, it is not necessary to understand the concept of crypto, rather, it is sufficient to be aware of how crypto works and what solutions it can bring.

Bitcoin is electronic cash that enables creating a wallet on the internet for sending and receiving different amounts of bitcoins from other wallets.

The speaker shared the key characteristics that help to distinguish Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin is decentralized. No one controls it, and no one can block the transfer, reject it or make a refund. Only shutting the internet down could interrupt your transaction. So, there are no transfer delays and no bank errors. Everything is automated.
  • Its supply is limited. There are only 21 million Bitcoins, and it is technically impossible to print more. All types of Bitcoin are becoming increasingly valuable. If the owner loses their wallet, it is impossible to recover it.
  • Transaction history for Bitcoin is public. Everyone on the internet can see all the transactions with Bitcoin since its inception.
  • Wallet owners are anonymous. It works similarly to cash in your wallet. If you find a wallet with money on the street that doesn’t have an ID, you can’t verify to whom it belongs. Bitcoin wallets are the same.

Bitcoin appeared in answer to the financial crisis and is much simpler than the banking system, Sergiy stated:
“One of the barriers to investing in crypto is the perception that it is challenging, when in fact it is much easier to transact with bitcoin than with traditional currency counterparts. Paying with bitcoins allows you to save time and prevent you from making mistakes that you may encounter in every circle of counterparties, and is cheaper due to the absence of commission.”

Investing in art is the best method for diversifying your financial portfolio

Diana Kocheva, Business Development Manager at the London startup Thirdblock, presented the topic “Investing in NFTs vs. Classical Art”.

Phygital art is physical works of art that are registered on the blockchain as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The most popular NFT types include artworks, collectibles, sports memorabilia, video game assets, virtual land, memes, domain names, music, ticketing, real-world assets, NFT fashion, identity, and miscellaneous online items.

Diana shared her vision of investing in phygital art:
“Investing in art during a recession is an effective way to preserve your assets because it is an asset that retains its value and increases in the long term. Art is also a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio because it provides you with an investment that may not be correlated to the stock market or other traditional investments”.

From her perspective, the best way to invest in art is by buying works from artists who are still alive, as they can continue creating new works and building value over time. “If you are looking for a more hands-on approach, consider becoming an artist yourself!”, — Diana advised.

Investing in art gives you something to look at every day and enjoy. It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about your culture and yourself by studying the paintings and sculptures created over time.
“There are many types of art available for purchase, including paintings, sculptures, and even jewelry made from precious metals or stones. You can choose from many distinctive styles when investing in art. Some people prefer works of realism, NFT Art, while others enjoy abstract pieces that include minimalistic lines or shapes with bright colors. It all depends on style you like best”, outlined Diana.

To summarise, she gave four reasons why you should choose NFT:

  • ou can always have it with you.
  • Anyone can invest.
  • Secured by a blockchain.
  • Easy to support artists.

Learn to recognize which project has potential

Egita Polanska, Managing Director at Startup Wise Guys, shared her experience of how together with a team of Startup Wise Guys they make investments at the acceleration stage and search for new companies. Egita advised on being acquainted with how to invest in startups, particularly sharing tips for those who consider angel investing. Egita highlighted that:

“If you’re looking for startups, from an investor’s point of view, it’s essential to be the first, but it’s not always the company that wins. So, you must look for a company that can launch and does it several times”. She quoted the statement of Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn: “First mover advantage doesn’t go to the first company that launches; it goes to the first company that scales”.

The essential point for every investor is to be capable of recognizing the project’s potential. It is much easier to invest money at the growing stage than in the initial stage. Over the years, through trial and error, they have developed their winning formula of success.

Value driven, plus unique dealflow, plus invest early, plus acceleration equals high returns

The essential feature that is necessary to develop for investors is patience, because, as a rule, results don’t materialize in a week, or even a month as it can take several years untill you gain returns.
Selecting a startup for investing, Startup Wise Guys is used to analyzing
3 essential factors:

  • Team (ambition & discipline)
  • Product (mentor references, traction metrics, UX)
  • Market (market assessment, business model, exit viability)

As usual, they select startups running by technically skilled founders and including working products (or development in the late stage), and the initial revenue, as well as those that will possibly dominate the local market and break out globally.

The success of a startup depends largely on the relationship between investors and founders. Therefore, they advise startups: “Never be happy just sharing your story, you need to learn about your potential funders and if you want to work with them”.

Startup Wise Guys has several funds for investing and invites everyone to join. The smallest individual investment amount you can start with depends on the fund, but is usually $25,000 or more, however, people usually spend less. If it is difficult for a person to invest such an amount on his own as there are various business groups of angel investors with whom you can enter into a syndicate and divide this amount into parts.

“Make sure you have a financial reserve for more than half of a year before you start investing”

Terezia Jacova, Co-founder of Lumus Investment Collective shared the following statistic;

“The lack of knowledge about angel investing is what keeps people from this kind of investing. So, 45% of women say that they don`t feel educated and confident enough to start investing. 82%of women think that they need to have a proper education, professional background, and knowledge before investing”.

This organization helps angel investors and startups to find each other and holds training sessions for investors. Terezia is the investment manager in VC Neulogy Ventures. She told about the basic principles of startup investing — how to set personal and financial goals and how to find investing opportunities.

Lumus Investment Collective currently consists of 350 women, who are angel investors. The minimum amount of money to start investing is €3000.00.

The speaker stated, ”Make sure that you have a financial reserve for more than a half year before starting investing. It is recommended to invest gradually and consistently in small portions as well as diversify your financial portfolio”.

Terezia stressed the point of why it is pivotal for women to start investing.
“Over ⅔ of women don`t believe that they will have a sufficient state retirement benefit after they have retired. Only 8% of women are aware of how much money they need to save and invest today in order to have a reasonable pension”. The expert suggested that such a situation is caused by several factors: gender pay gap (lower salaries for women compared to men), unpaid labor, lower state retirement than men, career gap, and longer life than men.

“Saving money is a useful habit, but it is recommended to keep in mind that inflation may make your financial reserve disappear. You never gain returns without investing. Moreover, saving money doesn’t bring sufficient benefits for long-term prospects”, Terezia commented. She gave advice on considering different ways of investing, including angel investing, which are considered to be an alternative and must be given in the early stage of the project. They are paid with money from personal savings, credits, grants, angel capital, family savings, and venture capital.

Angel investing has several stages: pre-seed stage funding for idea validation, seed stage funding for product development and pivoting, and early-stage funding for product release. At the growth stage, you can run private equity, at the maturity stage, banks and IPO.

The speaker highlighted the point that angel investing is risky, but profitable at the same time. You shouldn`t bet on just a business idea, but also on the team in the early stage of the project. That`s why networking is a key point. Mostly, angel investing is run on the base of tech projects, though non-tech projects fit also.

Let’s get acquainted with the rules to follow as an individual while choosing angel investments:

  • Have a personal connection. For example, be genuinely interested in a particular field.
  • Be quick because angel investment is at the early stages.
  • Rely on others’ legal documentation.
  • Seek an external opinion/sanity board.
  • Be ready to invest your own money (5к-200к)
  • Diversify your funding

“Never take more risk than necessary to reach your goals”

Ivan Kompan, Founder of First Kyiv Investment Club, has been engaged in finance for 25 years. He previously conducted research in the field of econometrics at Sorbonne University and other academic institutions in Vienna and Prague. He used to hold leadership positions in global financial companies.

According to Capgemini statistics, the largest amount of investing goes into stocks and market funds: 29% — stocks, 15% — real estate, 28% — cash and money market funds, 16% — bonds, 12% — alternative investments (vine collection, artworks).

These financial numbers are even higher in USA and Canada. Stock markets are the most popular way of investing in the USA. Ukrainians are used to saving money on deposit accounts, “under the mattress”, buying gold bars, and investing in real estate.

Some people select crypto as a way of investing, though this is an aggressive option. Compared to other ways of investing, stock markets are the most profitable, the expert noted: “If you invest in real estate, your loss will be approximately 2.3% of your assets. Saving money in a safe place, or under your mattress, won’t earn money at all. If you open a deposit, you will not receive income thanks to rising inflation. By buying gold bars, you may gain 8.3% income from this. The stock markets are the most profitable and bring 9.2% of income, although half a year ago the number reached 15%. Because of the difficult start in the year, there was a decline”.

Ivan Kompan identified three reasons why it is worth investing in the stock markets — security, returns, and liquidity. He shared several tips for investors:

  • Think long-term — it isn’t worth searching for fast earnings, be prepared that it will take some time.
  • Set your goals (plan a process of investing, hire an adviser if needed)
  • Define whom you would like to be — trader or investor
  • Choose a way of investing. Kompan stated; “Never take more risk than necessary to reach your goals”.
  • As a rule, risky investing provides a high profit, but keep in mind that with the rising risk you may also end up losing your assets. Over the last 130 years, there is no better way of investing than in stock markets in the USA, for these have brought in an average of 10.5% per year.

Kompan gave advice to those who are interested in the capital market:

  • Invest in “quality” companies.
  • Ignore the market buzz.
  • Base your decisions on facts.
  • Read and analyze annual reports.
  • Don’t sell good companies for a quick profit.
  • Don’t be scared of stock market volatility.
  • While considering investing in the capital market, consider a minimum of 5 years.

“Buying artworks: never be motivated just by investing”

The art market is $65Bn of the global market size. 45% of assets are in the USA, 20% in China, and 20% in Great Britain. Investing in art is popular and driven by Millenials that are concerned with NFT. Emilia De Stasio, COO, and co-founder of Artscapy spoke about investing in art making the following points.

Buying art can be rewarding, both emotionally and intellectually, as well as financially. When markets are shaky, more stable assets like art can offer a good alternative. However, buying art comes with many caveats:

  • Art is illiquid.
  • Market driving forces are highly “irrational.”
  • All art isn’t created equal.
  • Art isn’t an asset class to be bought for returns.

Emila stated that: “Fundamentally, the motive to purchase art shouldn’t be for investment. Buying art can be not only financially rewarding but is first and foremost a stimulating passion. And buying the right art (high quality, museum grade) does tend to rise in value over time”,

Here are several options for how to buy high-quality artworks:

  • Art fairs (held on weekends)
  • Local galleries (the available art depends on the current show)
  • Online (no site focusing on the buyer, not curated, overflooded marketplaces, limited/no interaction with the seller (gallery/advisor/artist/studio)

The last option is the basement of Artscapy concept, the platform for buying art, making it safer and more accessible to buy quality art online. The speaker described the platform features as:

  • Secure asset management system to store images, documents and data, and track the value over time
  • The marketplace is carefully curated, showing only artworks that have completed our due diligence process from handpicked galleries and vetted collectors
  • Provenance and authenticity are certified on the blockchain.
June 17, 2022
12 Reasons For Joining Innovecs
The global IT landscape is vibrant and dynamic. Myriads of tech companies are appearing in the arena and are delivering all kinds of digital solutions. At the same time, not every company has a community around it. From day one, Innovecs’ leadership set the objective of providing equal high-quality experiences to all stakeholders, clients, and employees. For over a decade, the distinguishing feature of Innovecs has been its DNA and values — Innovate, Inspire, Care. The company’s culture revolves around these concepts, creating multiple opportunities for the self-development of our people — both professionally and personally. Driven by the belief, that only happy teammates promote creativity and innovation, Innovecs makes every effort to ensure the well-being of each Innovecser. Today, we would like to share the key benefits of working at Innovecs. Here are the main reasons to join us. 1. Stable Growth and Career Opportunities More than 850 Innovecsers have provided valuable digital transformation experiences to over 100 clients. Innovecs’ portfolio contains more than 60 successfully implemented projects, and the major criterion of our success is our clients coming back for more. Over a decade, Innovecs has managed to achieve significant results, which are reflected in our corporate stats. At the moment, the company has team members on five continents, and our next soon-to-open location will be in Georgia. We are also opening new hubs in Poland, Colombia, and two more European countries soon. “We as a company always start by building bonds of trust with our clients. Whatever the development stage is, we accompany them, guide them and think it is our duty to anticipate their questions and concerns. Innovecs is constantly raising its standards in terms of providing the best services possible. This is why we have a number of loyal clients that enjoy their experience and come for more. That loyalty reflects a crucial thing for us — we are valuable to them”, — Alex Lutskiy, Founder and CEO at Innovecs. For the fifth time in a row, Innovecs is on the Inc. 5000 list, the list of fastest-growing private companies in America, and the Top Global Outsourcing companies. For the fourth time, Innovecs is recognized on The 2022 Global Outsourcing 100® list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP®). In 2021, Innovecs officially became the Platinum Partner of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), and also has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN). 2. Reinvent Your Career with Us What do we mean by ‘self-fulfillment’? From our point of view, this means having our ambitions met, whatever they are. Just as our people innovate the world, we as a company feel responsible for innovating them in the first place. All Innovecsers are united by a great desire to move forward and grow as personalities and pros. Our teammates can develop both horizontally and vertically, and transform from developers to Delivery Managers and VPs. Apart from advancing a career, each Innovecser can reinvent it. That is, our educational programs, courses, tracks, and workshops allow for changing a project, role, or even domain. “Innovecs is synonymous with growth and development. I am already working in the third position in this company. It’s cool that people without experience can try themselves in new roles, learn by doing and grow professionally. Courses and workshops are constantly held here, and this remains far from universal. A Promotion Plan is developed for each employee for six months, which lists the knowledge and skills you need to gain within this period. The bottom line is that I feel support from Innovecs, and it is invaluable for me”, — Olena Ratova, Project Coordinator at Innovecs. 3. Active Lifestyle The uniqueness of our culture owes to the uniqueness of our people. Every Innovecser is a separate story that enriches our community. Upon coming to Innovecs, each of us brings a set of personal likings, beloved hobbies, activities, interests, and aspirations. We even bring our concerns and learn to deal with them thanks to professional attention. Innovecs fully accepts us the way we are. Whatever the source of inspiration is, you can practice what you love — jogging, yoga, football, tennis; take part in challenges and competitions; receive gifts and acknowledgment, and share your achievements with your teammates. Innovecsers define the variety of communities. Anyone can initiate a club, and become a leader of one. “I was very happy with the availability of the yoga community and immediately joined it. It is good that you can attend classes without leaving the office. It is nice that there is an opportunity to do your favorite things — here it is encouraged and supported. As for the new activities, I joined the Mindfulness community, where we hold discussions and practice meditation”, — Oksana Hubchyk, QA Manual at Innovecs. 4. Well-being: We Are On Your Side A global company has a global mindset. We are comprehensive in our approaches, whether it is services, products, or experiences. The same pertains to the concept of employees’ happiness. It is our belief that apart from professional success, a sound mind in a sound body has a huge impact on quality of life. To us, well-being encompasses the care of physical and mental health, confidence in financial and social stability, as well as a sense of security. “If corporate culture encourages you to combine work with activities that inspire you, your well-being should not be a matter of concern. Another sign of “norm” is balance in all spheres of life. One area cannot develop in the absence of another. Otherwise, you start to feel out of balance. It is crucial to understand your limits and keep yourself balanced — relax, do hobbies and communicate. I must point out that the corporate culture of Innovecs’ well-being is an important component that is reflected in actions, not words”, — Olha Havlytska, Community Relations at InnoClub by Innovecs. 5. Flexible Workplace We are global, but at the very same time, we go local in providing a comfortable working environment. Local and granular. It is common knowledge that working conditions can make or break creativity as well as support or damage our health. We all need what is best for us — attending offices and enjoying conversations; managing tasks and teams from the comfort of our homes in solitude, or juggling the two if necessary. Our offices and hubs offer far more than just a well-equipped and stylish workspace, but a lifestyle space of self-development, mental and physical recreation, access to education, and hands-on experience. Innovecsers choosing to work remotely from any part of the world can and will enjoy a local benefits system and join us at online events, activities, celebrations, conferences, and systematic corporate meetings. Innovecsers are welcome to explore our Relocation Support Program and learn about how we can assist in this matter. “I very quickly found an apartment next to the office. I also had a week to rest, adapt, and work things out in the new place. So when I showed up for work, I was ready. Plus, I immediately found a company where I was very comfortable. Innovecs was also very helpful with the relocation: our Care department provided me with rental options that partly covered the cost of moving”, — Rostyslav Kylymchuk, Java Software Engineer at Innovecs. 6. Professional Growth Experience with Innovecs might start even before a talented person is among our teammates. Thanks to our Juniorship programs by InnoCamp, we take newbies and turn them into specialists who then may want to join us. And after they do, the learning journey then continues with special training for hard and soft skills, English classes, enrollment in a global certification preparation program, mentorship program, and an individual development plan. And there will be more. One of the crucial touchpoints with our people is 24/7 access to the learning process. We are always aware of the needs and ambitions of each Innovecser. We turn systematic feedback into new opportunities. “When a new set of internships was launched, I became interested in turning into a mentor to share my skills and knowledge with someone. And I regard it not only as teaching but also as the development of my own skills. This will definitely come in handy if you want to build a career and develop leadership skills”, — Ihor Pavlenko, Software Engineer at Innovecs. 7. H2H Philosophy The human2human approach is a broad concept that is reflected differently in various companies. At Innovecs, consideration for the talents we have is letting them speak and making sure their feedback turns into solutions. In order to create and generate out-of-the-box approaches, people demand inner freedom and a safe space to offer unique ideas that change the status quo. Everyone in the company has freedom of self-expression. We have an open-door policy and systematic meetings, where Innovecs’ leaders share crucial corporate information so that all the team is on the same page in terms of the current state of affairs. “The CEO of Innovecs is very open, he is constantly in touch with the company. You are always up-to-date with the latest news, and you know about clients. I always follow everything that happens. The atmosphere is open and transparent, and I am happy to be a part of it. I say out loud that I work at Innovecs because I’m proud of it”, — Andriy Bosak, the Technical Support Specialist at Innovecs. 8. Engineering Leadership Platform Engineering Leadership promotes global digital transformation. This is why we have launched InnoHub, an Engineering Leadership Platform. Its core purpose is to empower collaborative growth and build a community of engineering leaders. We believe engineering leaders are not only those who lead the team but everyone who develops innovations through everyday tasks as an expert. “Today we can say that InnoHub is a platform for the development of Engineering Leadership. Our main goal is to expand our capabilities and build a community of technical leaders. InnoHub consists of three components. First, it is a community of passionate engineers who want to initiate technological change and interact as equals. Community members evolve and develop their projects, teams, and skills. Second, InnoHub is a source of inspiration, where meaningful content is broadcast through events and networking. Third, InnoHub is an online space, a platform for meetings, training, and association of engineers from around the globe. Tech magic happens when these three elements merge”, — Alina Shcherbyna, Head of Talent Marketing and Events at Innovecs. 9. Transparency Leadership On a human note, we all tend to gravitate to people who are authentic, genuine, unmasked, and not afraid to be vulnerable. A leader is responsible for establishing a culture of trust, and being consistent in its maintenance. And if one succeeds in doing so, the mindset spreads across the organization and becomes the only way to go for everyone. Transparency leadership is the first step toward meaningful relationships with employees. And this is the fundamental principle Innovecs works and lives by. “A leader’s transparency demands systematic accountability. Whether it’s financial presentation, our quarterly Q&A session, weekly call, or honest talk one-to-one during a coffee break — people need this stability and presence. A real presence when you genuinely care, but not just as a formality. On the other hand, every team member is not only welcome to provide their own feedback on numerous aspects of corporate life but it’s also guaranteed their voice is heard and taken into consideration. Thus, transparency leadership is an ongoing mindful dialogue and drives mutual value for both company and its people”, — Alex Lutskiy, Founder and CEO at Innovecs. 10. Corporate Culture Driven By Values Business for business’ sake has no future. People always seek higher purposes and big ideas behind everything. Since day one, Innovecs has been nurturing an environment where like-minded talents can create together and enjoy the process in each other’s company. Our DNA is SPECIFIC: Innovecsers are Smart, Professional, Engaged, Collaborative, Innovative, Focused, Inspiring, and Caring. Innovecs practices three core values, incorporated into the DNA: INNOVATE, INSPIRE, CARE. Innovecs represents a community-driven ecosystem, that is, our people can create and become leaders of some community or club by interest inside the company, and Innovecs will support them and invest in their passion. “Being caring is first and foremost about creating an atmosphere. You can arrange it with the help of working and non-working team building. Caring is manifested in finding a thin and invisible boundary of social unity and trying to produce it in your team. The kickback of the team is very important because it is not a one-way street. Not only the manager must play his role in uniting the team, but also the employees themselves must collaborate with each other, determine the necessary conditions for the tasks, ask you questions, and more. It’s much cooler to see people solve these issues on their own because the team is evolving. You as a manager are needed for extraordinarily difficult tasks. It’s nice when a team is a whole, both in and out of work”, — Andriy Troianov, Delivery Manager at Innovecs. 11. A Lifestyle, More Than Just a Job Innovecs focuses on each employee’s ambitions and aligns them with our business goals for mutual success. We consider work and leisure as equally important parts of life. Therefore, in addition to the necessary working conditions and continuous learning options, we take good care of the physical and mental health, recreation, and personal development of the team. Every single day at Innovecs brings something new to the lives of our teammates — knowledge, skills, insights, and meaningful connections. “At Innovecs, you are not confined to a desk whatsoever. This is the place for your personal and professional development and to be around an awesome team. There are many opportunities for personal and professional evolution. This is your lifestyle. In the morning you train in the tennis community and then proceed to work. In addition to lunch, you have a workout again, and in the evening when the work is done you play table tennis with teammates. This is your active lifestyle. You are interested, you enjoy the day, you want more, and your work goals are fulfilled in the same rhythm as you do your hobby. Easy and effortless. You don’t force yourself to work; you like it”, — Olha Havlytska, Community Relations at InnoСlub by Innovecs. 12. Benefits and Perks Innovecs operates on the basis of diversity, inclusiveness, development, and equal opportunities for everyone. Innovecsers can evolve professionally via the vibrant InnoCamp program. All teams can access individual development planning and career coaching, educational and professional certificate programs; join a Mentorship Program, and have lifetime access to training materials in our Learning Management System. With the help of the InnoClub initiative, all Innovecs’ people across the globe can maintain their mental and physical health, and draw inspiration from our communities. Whether it is running, mindfulness and meditation practices, online gym and yoga, or other activities — everyone can find something special. Regardless of the offices’ location, all of them are united by the universal benefits system. Each Innovecser — either office-based or remote — is provided with equal motivation frameworks and incentives. Everyone is provided with private healthcare insurance, team-building activities, social events, and occasional gifts to celebrate Innovecs lifestyle. “​​Despite the remote mode, I do not feel separated from the team or company. I constantly receive invitations to corporate parties. Not so long ago there was a rebranding of the project I’m working on. Two hours before the presentation, a courier delivered a parcel containing four small cocktails and a branded glass. Distances are washed away by such lovely initiatives”, — Ihor Kanivets, Advanced DevOps at Innovecs. These are the main reasons to consider Innovecs as a new stage in your life. And there is one more reason to join us — we are fun, passionate, and voracious. If you feel you belong with us, check the available roles and brighten Innovecs with your presence:
May 18, 2022
Unity As a Weapon Against Evil: How Volunteering Helps Resist Russia’s Enemy Attack (Part 1)
Innovecs is a global company, we have two large offices in Ukraine located in Kyiv and Mykolayiv. On February 24, Ukrainians woke up to a new reality — a hostile Russian invasion shattered the plans and quiet lives of 45 million people. Instead of getting confused, the Ukrainians united in the name of victory. President Zelenskiy is now compared to King David of Israel, who skillfully dealt with the huge and ugly Goliath. A small country on a map is fighting a huge Russian army. National collective responsibility has been a powerful blow in response to Russia’s legend of a weak and divided Ukraine. Here everyone is either a soldier or a volunteer. Each of us has our own battlefront. Someone hospitably opens the door to migrants, makes dumplings for soldiers in the defense, someone donates to the army, and seeks options to buy bulletproof vests and medical kits for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Someone performs DDoS attacks on Russian sites and is waging an active war on the information front. Some advise and provide psychological assistance, some treat and organize humanitarian convoys free of charge. Innovecs, like hundreds of others, has joined the financial support of the army. We also organized additional fundraising for each team member who wanted to donate money to support the army. Of course, Innovecsers help not only with funding, but also volunteer. Today we will share some stories of our team members who chose their “battlefront” during the war with Russia.