E-book: Supporting Engagement and Retention in IT Outsourcing: Focus on Millennials

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August 23, 2017 1 min read

The development industry is evolving and so is IT Outsourcing. With many new trends to follow, it’s a real challenge to find how to attract and retain talent. On the one hand, there are the stakeholders’ growing needs and those of the products, and on the other hand, are the natural demands of the employees. It’s crucial for an outsourcing headhunter to know the peculiarities of modern recruiting and possible resignations causes. For those who strive to stay in tune with the newest methodologies, Innovecs designed the ebook, ‘Supporting Engagement and Retention in IT Outsourcing: focus on millennials.’

Relative degree of importance

This paper reflects the Innovecs approach and experience in recruiting tips. We have taken our own practices and proven statistical data to explore the reasons for employee resignations, the values  most appreciated by the new generation, the kinds of jobs that encourage a strong sense of purpose, and how to prevent resignations as well as organize proper team working conditions. Do you need tips to elevate employee engagement? Then prepare to make intriguing discoveries while reading this book! This is your handy IT outsourcing recruitment guide.

What will you find inside

    • The role of the Meaning. While companies discuss if they need to highlight job meaning, answer this: Do you know that 40% of millennials’ sense of purpose is beyond financial success?
    • Wellness & workplace. IT outsourcing companies are famous for their wellness initiatives. Still, there are variations in their offerings. Polls show what employees value most in the workplace.
    • Referrals’ force. Referrals are the products of proper team engagement. That not only reduces resignations but also attracts new, loyal workers: quite a bonus for outsourcing.
    • Be the vision’s translator. Undoubtedly, outsourcing company policies impact team engagement significantly. However, it doesn’t mean the recruiter shouldn’t present them properly.
    • Communicating with millennials. Do you think you know everything about millennial candidates? Take a look at the comparison of several generational traits to enhance their work productivity.


Want to know more? This ebook unveils all the best recruiting tips proven by Innovecs.