Infographics: “State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enterprise in 2017”

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May 8, 2017 2 min read

Technology applied in the proper way can arouse pure astonishment. Artificial Intelligence is an example of how business can be revolutionized by extensive technical development. Innovecs conducted a great deal of research to gather all the information about AI advancements available at different sources in 2017. The visualization of the results can be accessed in Artificial Intelligence infographics. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to accelerate business with new technologies, this material sheds light on the AI ecosystem for you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why is this topic so relevant today? Recently, experts have started talking more about Artificial Intelligence partially due to the Big Data software rise. Still, over the years, opinions about AI attainability have changed. Scientists have studied its aspects and tried to reproduce each of them separately. Statistics have shown that for now 38% of entrepreneurs already use AI in enterprise processes. By 2018, the figure is expected to rise to 62%, according to recent predictions. Isn’t this a good reason to look closer at Artificial Intelligence software development?

What will you find inside

  1. Recent AI History in Short. How many AI software achievements can you list? We all know about Siri, Google DeepMind, Facebook Face Match, SAP CoPilot, Zuckerberg’s Jarvis. Did we miss anything?
  2. Aspects of AI. This part of the infographic is all about AI features which can be implemented by software development. Read this part closely if you’re thinking of AI project outsourcing.
  3. AI for Enterprise. What reasons make enterprise leaders implement AI? Big Data, automation, reporting, voice recognition, Machine Learning, or decision making – find about it inside.
  4. Investments. Artificial Intelligence implementation is undoubtedly one of the most costly activities to implement although, it brings a great return on investment. The financial history of AI is now revealed.
  5. Statistics. Don’t want to believe the hype? See the statistics to ensure the prospects of AI software outsourcing. Companies, countries, areas, and sums: everything is in one place.

Want to know more? Immerse in the Artificial Intelligence world with this infographic:

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