Trends Learned from the Retail Supply Chain Summit 2019

Insights into Retail Supply Chain Summit 2019

Communication at the summit with supply chain executives and technology innovators from retail provided an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise on the following topics:

  • Analytics tools for forecasting demand and inventory allocation
  • Inventory visibility solutions/DOMS
  • 3PL, 4PL, freight forwarders
  • Final mile and regional carriers
  • Transport management systems/shipping platforms
  • WMS and WCS
  • Warehousing and logistics infrastructure
  • Integrators and consultants

The summit also discussed the following industry trends to guide end-to-end supply chain roadmaps:

  • Delivering a personalized approach through last mile innovation whilst managing costs
  • Creating nimble omnichannel networks that scale and adapt to handle changes as they arise
  • Tapping into existing resources to reduce waste, optimize costs, increase sustainability, and overcome capacity crunch
  • Achieving accurate inventory planning, positioning, replenishment, and omnichannel order management
  • Upgrading strategies and technology investments for more effective ROI and performance
  • Marrying business goals with operational goals

If you didn’t attend the 4th Annual D3: Retail Supply Chain Summit USA 2019 and would like to discuss your current supply chain challenges, please reach out to Gary today.

Gary González

Executive Vice President of Innovecs USA