Innovecs Joins CILT UK as a Corporate Member

April 3, 2024 2

Innovecs became a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).


Innovecs, a global digital transformation tech company, is thrilled to announce its new status as a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in the UK. This strategic step highlights Innovecs’ focus on enhancing its service offerings and contributing to the Supply Chain industry.

Being a Corporate Member supports Innovecs’ mission to deliver top-tier digital transformation solutions. By integrating CILT’s resources and networks, we aim to amplify our contribution to the global logistics and transportation sectors, reinforcing our role as industry innovators.

Joining the CILT community opens new avenues for Innovecs, immersing us in industry research and case studies to refine our operational strategies. This membership facilitates our active participation in thought-provoking roundtable discussions and networking events, which are essential for catalyzing innovation and accelerating business growth. 

Additionally, we will enhance our team’s capabilities and foster their professional growth through CILT’s targeted training programs, which support our strategic vision and plans. This engagement aligns with our goals for talent development, building industry connections, and enhancing our market presence, reflecting CILT’s commitment to supporting its corporate members in a rapidly evolving and interconnected world.

"Becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport marks a crucial turning point for us at Innovecs. The Institute offers access to a wealth of knowledge, insights, and a network of professionals, opening doors to growth and empowering us to enhance our customers' Supply Chain solutions,"
Eamonn McLarnon,
VP of Global Supply Chain Practice at Innovecs

This partnership is a step forward in our continuous pursuit of excellence, innovation, and leadership in the digital transformation landscape.


About Innovecs Supply Chain Practice

Innovecs Supply Chain Practice, a division of Innovecs, is revolutionizing Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) with innovative approaches. Our multi-cultural team, based in the EMEA region and spread across Europe and the US, tailors WMS solutions to enhance productivity and manage inventory effectively.

We specialize in system integration, developing strategies for the future, and detailed configurations, adapting to the dynamic demands of the logistics sector. Our focus on genuine partnerships and open dialogue underpins our commitment to creating enduring innovations in logistics. As part of Innovecs, a global tech leader, we offer cutting-edge solutions in Supply Chain & Logistics, with a significant presence across continents and a diverse, skilled team. 

About Innovecs

Innovecs is a global digital transformation tech company with a presence in the US, the UK, the EU, Latin America, Israel, Australia, and Ukraine. Specializing in software solutions, the Innovecs team has experience in Supply Chain, Healthtech, Software & Hightech, and Gaming. For the fifth year in a row, Innovecs is included in the Inc. 5000, the list of fastest-growing private companies in the US, and a ranking of the best global outsourcing companies. 

About CILT

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport  (CILT) is the membership organization for professionals leading supply chain operations for the movement of goods and people. Members of the Institute are involved in the management and design of infrastructure, systems, processes, and information flows and in the creation, management and continuous improvement of effective organizations. The work of our members adds value to people and society and directly impacts the environment, business profitability, and economic growth.