Innovecs is the most attentive employer 2015! 

HR Brand Awards 2015 - Innovecs is the most attentive employer 2015!

W@W Program was created by Innovecs Marketing and HR teams at the end of 2014. This corporate initiative was implemented thank to joint work of our HR, ES and Marketing departments. W@W Program includes 4 sections: Health, Mind, Fitness and Food and more than 60 events, covering these topics, were held during 2015.

Point of view
“In spite of the difficult market conditions, Innovecs realized a big complex project oriented on support of healthy lifestyle at the workplace. Thus office is a place where you spend most of the day, it is important to provide comfort conditions for our employees. We developed events strategy for every direction: trainings, healthy food days, fresh-up breakfasts, meetings with doctors, etc. Innovecs always strives to do more for its employees.”
Nataliia Zub,
VP, Corporate Development at Innovecs

Five years in a row HeadHunter Ukraine gathers up and evaluates corporate projects from the best Ukrainian companies. Founders of the Award say that 2015 is a remarkable year for the growth of the interest in employer image. HR specialists are sure that such activity helps the business to stay effective in such a tough time.