Innovecs Is Recognized by the HR Brand Award 2019

December 16, 2019 4 min read

On December 12th, 2019, a final event of the HR Brand Award was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. It ended with the announcement of winners of the annual leading HR initiatives contest.

Innovecs project “Innovation Vector” was awarded as one of the best HR projects in Ukraine due to the huge impact on employees’ development and involvement – main accents in HR goals today.


The world does not stand still. In order to live up the global market’s expectations and outperform the main competitors in their niche, companies nowadays must operate in accordance with the highest international business standards.

Additionally, turnover time and innovative approach are the factors that challenge the leading organizations all over the world. Thus, companies need to work faster and more efficiently whilst benchmarking with their competitors, and offer innovative solutions and products – both internally and externally.

Therefore, to withstand the staggering pace of the market and showcase its uniqueness, Innovecs has launched a project called “Innovation Vector: We grow and we raise”.

The main objective of this initiative is to create an educational environment that will motivate new talents to develop their skills and employees to grow their professional expertise, which is valuable for the company and for the whole market as well.

In professional business, people are the main asset that makes it possible to transform vision into reality. Thus, we are very honored to have been bestowed with this award and be recognized as the company pushing the boundaries of people strategy.
Olga Prykhno,
CFO at Innovecs

Olga also adds that “At Innovecs, we are willing to fix this high bar and continue moving the industry forward, ensuring the team members with constant opportunities for their career and skills development. In the fast-changing business environment, it’s crucial to stay on the ball with all the trends, to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve — and that’s what we aim for with this ambitious project”.

The project is focused on both beginners and experienced professionals. We help newcomers to choose the right direction for their career path, emphasizing the development of their soft and hard skills. For our seasoned experts, we offer various ways of sharing experience and implementing ideas within the projects of educational space InnoHub.

We are proud to be among the most inspiring and effective leaders in Ukrainian human capital management. Our team works passionately towards empowering the employees’ development through constant innovation. The award-winning “Innovation Vector” project promotes and enhances the continuous learning of new talents and proven experts to gain a competitive edge. So, by growing the professionalism of our employees, we are raising the level of the IT community in Ukraine.
Anastasiia Osypova,
Head of People, Culture and Engagement at Innovecs

Thus, not only do we help those who strive for personal and professional improvement, but we also enrich the market with new talents. By bringing this project to life, Innovecs continues the rapid growth and contributes to market development, which is our strategic priority.

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