Innovecs at Austin Games Conference 2016

October 4, 2016 1 min read

This year Austin Games Conference was better than ever. The Austin gaming scene seems to be growing and growing. Yes, a few of the larger Studios had a presence at this year’s conference, what’s more interesting on the gaming front here in Austin is the “Indie Scene.” I overheard here at the conference that there are over 6,000 independent game developers and producers in the Austin area and that’s pretty significant in my book. Although the number sounded a bit high, it was not necessarily represented at this year’s conference which was a more boutique in nature. AGC is not GDC which attracts over 26,000 attendees. The speakers were all great, and everyone appeared to be “Bullish” on the industry as a whole.

Both Google and Facebook represented their distribution channels in typical fashion.

Innovecs at Austin Games Conference 2016

A couple of great after parties were solid networking events, especially EA’s opening night event. It was great to mingle with producers both large and small; all pretty much were mirroring the same issues such as deadlines, technical resources, and quality art and play to capture the end user’s “eyeballs.”

It’s clear that external software development is an important issue with many studios both large and small as they all clamor for partnered resources. As producers ramp up their licensing efforts to secure quality named assets it is clear that putting the right team together to get a launch On-time and on a budget is essential. Outsourcing “bodies” is old hat, and the same goes with “staff augmentation.” which someone mentioned to me here that it sounded to an affliction., “I’m afraid you have contracted staff augmentation.”  Obviously, this was not an enterprise-oriented conference.

After “schmoozing” the halls, one subject resonated, and that was Innovecs approach to external software development. Yes, everyone knows the company serves multiple verticals including enterprise, but having a whole division focused and dedicated to cross-platform Gaming was the right move, “Gamers working for Gamers” I’d like to say.

So it’s safe to say that all forms of cross-platform gaming growth will be significant in the years to come and Innovecs will fuel this growth with their new dedicated gaming division.