Innovecs and Davanti Warehousing Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Supply Chain Execution

December 14, 2023 3 min read

Innovecs and Davanti Warehousing Combine Resources and Strengths to extend CORAX WMS’s Market Reach.

Innovecs, a global digital transformation tech company, today announced their strategic partnership with Davanti Warehousing, a renowned Dutch logistics specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the warehouse management market.

The joint efforts will enable both companies to expand into new markets with CORAX, Davanti’s flagship warehouse management solution, which already has major international players such as LV Logistics and Van Lith Transport on its client roster.

Innovecs will spearhead the distribution, business development and implementation of the product, while Davanti will continue to offer support.

"Today is a monumental milestone for the Innovecs Supply Chain Practice. This partnership marks an important marker in achieving our strategic goals set earlier this year. I am thrilled at the prospect of growing our relationship with Davanti and scaling our businesses together,"
Eamonn McLarnon,
VP of Global Supply Chain Practice at Innovecs

Furthermore, the partnership will focus on joint research initiatives to develop advanced technologies, products, and services, focusing on delivering superior customer value.

"Our partnership with Innovecs provides us with the sales and implementation capacity needed for the next phase of CORAX WMS's international rollout. The Supply Chain knowledge of Innovecs is a wonderful fit for our cloud-based WMS solution. I'm excited about the potential we can address and look forward to a successful and enduring relationship,"
Robert Reith,
Partner Manager at Davanti
"We are very excited about the CORAX market potential that we can unlock through our partnership with Innovecs,"
Piet Eenkhoorn,
Managing Director at Davanti Group

This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both Innovecs and Davanti to providing top-tier solutions and fostering growth in the Supply Chain Execution sector. It addresses the challenges ahead with a shared vision for a brighter future in the Supply Chain.

About Davanti:

Davanti Warehousing is a specialist in warehouse logistics headquartered in the Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience, the company offers two complete WMSs: MLS Premium, the on-premise solution and CORAX, the cloud-based system.

CORAX, a next-generation SaaS WMS that incorporates the latest technology, allows optimal control over all parts of a warehouse, inbound and outbound, storage, automation and e-commerce fulfillment.

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About Innovecs:

Innovecs is a global digital transformation tech company with a presence in the US, the UK, the EU, Latin America, Israel, Australia, and Ukraine. Specializing in software solutions, the Innovecs team has experience in Supply Chain, Healthtech, Software & Hightech, and Gaming. For the fifth year in a row, Innovecs is included in the Inc. 5000, the list of fastest-growing private companies in the US, and a ranking of the best global outsourcing companies.

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