InnoCamp Front-end Track Results and Achievements

#Software Development
November 8, 2019 1 min read

InnoCamp, an educational development program for IT specialists based on international business practices and powered by Innovecs, congratulates 20 students as they graduate the Front-end Track in InnoCamp.

innocamp frontend

More than 90 hours of training were completed throughout the course, devoting time to the development of both soft and hard skills:

  • Technical expert classes and workshops were taking place from Monday till Thursday covering technologies such as HTML, СSS, JavaScript Advanced, React.js, Redux, and Webpack.
  • Soft skills training included the development of creativity, effective communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and productivity.

The track also included IT-oriented English classes and career training.

innocamp frontend track

Each training was thoroughly supported by Innovecs experts, who set the benchmark in training standards gained from their extensive knowledge in international practices.

All graduates have been awarded a certificate of front-end track completion in the end. The students with the best final test results will get an opportunity to become interns in Innovecs.

innocamp fromtend certificate

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