How to Choose Outsourcing Partner For Reaching Your Goals

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December 4, 2017 4 min read

If you are thinking about how to choose an outsourcing partner, then you are on the right path to success. Indeed, such questions should not be resolved in a temper. The choice of the form of cooperation has a great influence on the final result, therefore, in order to obtain a quality product one should learn about everything in advance.

There are so many subtleties about where to choose a partner, where to find the best developers, how much money you are willing to spend on development. At the same time, no one item can be overlooked, since such inattention can strike the whole partnership. Be sure, the time spent studying the intricacies of selecting a team for outsourcing the project will pay for itself repeatedly.

3 Tips to Understand Selecting an Outsourcing Partner

It all starts with your scope of the project and the needs you might desire to fulfill with it. We have good news for you: in order to analyze this data you need neither to study the market nor contact third-party specialists or companies. You can find answers to your questions yourself, just by carefully considering and analyzing your needs. And to help you figure them out, we picked up a few tips that contribute to the resolution of the issue.Outsourcing Partner

#1 Clear Scope of Work

Why does outsourcing interest you? Despite the wide popularity of this type of cooperation, few people pay attention to the suitability of the objectives and the concept of outsourcing as a whole. In order to understand whether it worth choosing software outsourcing partner in your case and which companies should be considered, take a closer look at the project itself.

Take a piece of paper and write down the most important priorities of the project. What are they? They can be:

  • Information security
  • Optimizing or upgrading the software
  • Migrating from one platform to another
  • Going to a cloud solution
  • Writing the product from scratch, etc.

In each of these cases, you can find the right partner. However, it is important to study the scope of expertise of a company’s team to test it for compliance with the objectives of the project.

#2 Partners and Workflow

The people who will work on the project, your partners, are of great importance. Therefore, when you apply to an outsourcing company, you should get acquainted not only with the team leader but also with other team members, learn more about their expertise, work experience, and successful partnerships. The cohesive teamwork will determine the success of the final result.

Match the proposed team with the objectives and the internal team of the company. How effective will be the communication between these two teams? Think about how you will work with the team from a different time zone and culture if you decided to work with a distant outsourcing vendor.

Outsourcing is known for team size flexibility. That means you would be able to extend or lessen the number of talents working on your project if needed. However, you should check carefully whether the company has a large enough talent pool to fulfill your future needs. Think of it beforehand, as changing the team and the vendor when the partnership is already established is a bad idea.

#3 Work Budget

Outsourcing is also attractive because the price for such development is very profitable, while highly qualified specialists are provided. However, do not ignore the interests of the project in favor of financial gain. Together with a modest check, you risk getting a software that is poorly suited for use. Analyze your business and determine the sum that you are willing to invest in outsourcing. Based on this sum, you can also choose the region for product development.

There are two main types of contract: fixed-price and time & materials payment. If the specifications for your project are stable, you can choose a contract at a fixed price. If the requirements to the project change during the development or you expect the long-term relationships with the vendor, the most reasonable option will be the payment the time spent and materials used.

So, if you finished reading these three points, you can apply for the companies you would like to. Meanwhile, read the next block and get to know how to choose an outsourcing partner to make a quote.

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

Right Outsourcing Partner

Let us refresh in your mind main points which enable investigating the possible outsourcing partners:

  • Analyze how long have the company been present in the market. It’s possible that a newly established company provide you with the right result. However, you should be ready to suffer unstable inner processes and other risks. If you want to be sure the software will be delivered on time, choose a well-established long operating partner.
  • Find professionals in your industry to avoid struggles with understanding the needs of your business. Nevertheless, if the problem is not so exclusive, you can apply for any company providing a wide range of development services matching all your other needs.
  • Look closely at the vendor’s values and mission. Outsourcing companies are so different, and often the level of the relationships between you and your development partners are determined by the overall atmosphere of the communication. To ensure long-term relationships make sure you feel comfortable interacting with your partners, and they understand you right.

These are just the main points that should lead you to the idea of what is important to look for when selecting an outsourcing partner. Follow the advice and get a solution that maximizes the income of the company!

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