Your Checklist to Planning Technology Outsourcing to Ukraine

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June 21, 2018 4 min read

Few people know the very first technology outsourcing company in Ukraine appeared as early as 1989. Since then, the country’s IT industry has seen huge economic growth. As the IT Ukraine Association asserts, it has contributed about 3,34% to the Ukrainian GDP in 2017 and is expected to reach 4.65% by 2025.

Interview with nataliia zub on how to choose technology partner

What is behind this steady increase? It is a combination of tremendous engineering backgrounds, new technology adoption, cultural proximity, and favorable tax and currency regulation.

If your choice has narrowed to the technology providers in Ukraine, now is the time to acquire the right selection criteria.

We have asked our colleague, Nataliia Zub, VP of Delivery Management at Innovecs, to name the major checkpoints based on her 15-year experience in contracted services delivery and engineering team management. Nataliia has pinpointed the five most feasible methods to find a trustworthy technology development partner. Let’s discover them.

#1. Check References for IT Service Providers

A software development partnership is a long-term game where both sides search for a win-win solution. The most proven way to bring it to life seems to be quite straightforward – collecting recommendations.

Software development in the B2B sector is very sensitive. Any mistake may cost the business a fortune, which is why businesses need IT service providers they can trust. This is the case when recommendations work perfectly. Ask to share the contacts of those who own similar products or services and belong to the same business area. This is a good chance to address industry-specific questions, clear up doubts and learn what a technology development company is capable of.

If there is no one to share feedback, searches traditionally start with an extensive IT industry overview and ratings like IAOP or Clutch.

#2. Arrange Live Meetings and Check for a Connection

Seeing the vendor in person is a must and this is what we at Innovecs recommend doing in the first place.

This way you can get a better understanding of the IT vendor’s technology expertise and form an impression about the management and delivery team. The questions they ask, solutions they offer, and risk predictions they make let you make sure both of you are on the same page.

Communication is fundamental for any project’s success, especially when your joint work begins because the majority of failures stem from communication issues. Hi-level marketing materials, project portfolios, and detailed case studies alone cannot guarantee you will be heard and understood, whereas live interaction can.

#3. Consider Types of Cooperation Needed

Once you get a connection between you and the technology provider established, continue addressing a few more questions depending on your business model and goals.

If your company is ready to handle the tech team processes on their own, then we advise focusing on the vendor’s ability to respond quickly to requests, attract the best talents on the market, manage employee retention and provide perfect customer service.

If you need a partner able to effectively manage developers and evaluate technical skills and capabilities, engineering culture, delivery potential with a management background, ask the IT vendor about the way their service quality is ensured and engineering practices applied.

At this stage, it is important to make sure the software development processes will be transparent for you to stay well-informed about the overall project progress, potential risks, and their prevention measures.


    #4. Talent Acquisition and Engineering Team Management

    It is no secret the quality of software development services depends on the tech talents employed. Monitoring the employer’s brand reputation on the IT market is also essential. In Ukraine, you can do this by visiting websites like, LinkedIn, Facebook or simply by searching for the vendor’s brand mentions on Google.

    When visiting the technology provider’s premises, pay attention to the people working there and the way they behave and communicate. Ask about talents’ attraction and retention policies, regular performance reviews, and individual development plans. Based on the data you receive, you can make judgments regarding the talent acquisition capabilities of your potential technology provider.

    At Innovecs, we emphasize the role of the engineering team manager. This is a daily point of contact for the client, and overall project success is greatly influenced by his proficiency, tech skills, decision making, out-of-the-box thinking, and ability to build a strong team and come up with IT solutions long before the client needs them.

    #5. Service Quality Standards of IT Vendor

    On top of people, technology outsourcing companies should maintain service quality standards. This is what Innovecs is extremely devoted to.

    We believe every detail matters – how clients are welcomed, what way their needs are taken care of (even if these are some daily routines like travel and accommodation support), who attends client meetings, what our team can do on top of the contracted services, and more.

    This approach is supported by all the departments across Innovecs including IT Administration and Recruitment. Our single goal is to make sure our customer feels comfortable working with our engineering team from the very first step to the final phone call, and we are committed to delivering whatever it takes to do this.

    PS: If you have already selected a technology provider, make sure you have taken these IT security measures.

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