Smooth Transitions: Integration and Implementation
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Our Solution Design and Configuration services ensure your project's success, from process review to seamless integration and comprehensive end-user training. We prioritize your requirements, align configurations, conduct rigorous testing, and deliver a smooth transition for ongoing support.
Why Choose Innovecs?
Adopt an out-of-the-box WMS solution
Kickstart your business operations without the need for lengthy development processes.
Upgrade existing WMS
Accommodate more operations and flows without the need for extensive development.
Maintain historical data
When upgrading, we ensure your historical and current warehouse data is preserved, and existing flows/operations remain intact.
What Sets Us Apart: The Innovecs Advantage
Deep WMS Knowledge
We possess in-depth knowledge of WMS operations acquired through WMS development projects.
Expert Data Engineers
Our professional Data Engineers plan data transformation and migration for seamless updates.
Customer-Centric Approach
We prioritize responsiveness and a customer-first attitude in every project.
Custom Workflow Documentation
We create custom workflow documentation tailored to each client and warehouse.
Streamlined Integration Solutions
Solution Design
We review existing processes, define future processes, prioritize user stories, assess and analyze data, and design integration solutions.
Solution Configuration
We implement system configuration using Agile methodology, employing time-boxed iterations to validate solutions and gather feedback at the earliest stages, ensuring complete progress transparency.
Solution Testing
We conduct end-to-end integration testing and user acceptance testing to ensure a flawless implementation.
Go-Live Support
Our team handles data validation, cleansing, and loading, along with providing comprehensive end-user training.
Post Go-Live Support
We offer stabilization and a smooth transition to ongoing support.
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