Developing a Socially Useful Telehealth Product from Scratch

Cloud, Mobile apps development, QA & testing
Project Type
Mobile, Web
AWS AppSync, AWS Aurora, AWS Cognito, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Pinpoint, AWS RDB, AWS s3, React, React Native


  • App prototype ready in 2 months by 2 engineers
  • iOS and Android apps
  • MVP of the web app for hospitals
  • Custom in-project policies

About the Client

Careology, a privately held company providing telehealth services, was founded in 2018 by Paul Landau. His purpose was to provide people diagnosed with cancer-diagnosed the best possible healthcare experience and help them go through treatment using a multi-functional telehealth application.

The company’s focus is on making the lives of cancer patients more organized and scheduled with the help of technologies – helping patients have more of the Up Days and managing the Down Days. All board and team members are united with the common vision and goal which allows for delivering a high-quality solution.

Challenge: Assemble a Team of Socially Conscious People to Build a Telehealth Innovation

With the idea to build a socially valuable telehealth application that would connect cancer patients with their caregivers and clinicians, the Client had to find a team consisting of people who would endorse their social consciousness and responsibility.

Also, the Client planned to have a high-level prototype of the application ready in two months to be able to introduce it in a huge medical exhibition in the USA as the first step of entering the market and promoting the product.

At this point, the Client turned to Innovecs as a trusted software development partner to help them solve the above challenges wisely.


As the first step, Innovecs hired two software engineers based on the Client’s requirements who made huge efforts to create a prototype of the telehealth application with the basic interface and functionality in just two months.

Since it was made in time, the Client introduced the prototype in the exhibition and the app became recognizable in the healthcare market.

This is how Innovecs and Careology laid the foundation of successful cooperation based on trust and mutual involvement.

Let’s see step by step what was done after that and how the partnership was developing.

Expanding the Team with Skilled and Motivated People

After creating the app prototype, the team of two software engineers had to be scaled with more specialists to be able to turn the prototype into a full-featured and well-functioning product.

Innovecs took on the responsibility to help the Client with teaming up the right people who could engage in the development process with dedication and be interested in the final result.

Thus, the team of two software engineers (React Native), two backend developers (Node.js and AWS), two frontend developers (React), and a manual QA engineer was formed.

Organizing the Workflow and Creating In-Project Policies

Having tested many software development approaches and methodologies, the team together with the Client came up with the decision to adhere to Agile Scrum with two-week sprints, backlog, story points estimation, etc.

Moreover, the team developed its own policies describing the instructions to all internal processes. They included all technical requirements of the product, workflow peculiarities, Jira instructions, version control rules, Git instructions, etc.

Building an Innovative Telehealth Application

The initial focus was on creating a mobile application for iOS and Android targeted at patients, their caregivers, and clinicians. However, along with this, the Client had an idea to launch a web application allowing clinicians to easily connect with patients and monitor their health conditions in real-time.

Mobile Apps Development

The mobile application (Android and iOS) is targeted at cancer-diagnosed patients, their caregivers, and assigned clinicians. There is also an app targeted at patients who wish to manage non-cancer related diagnoses.

Technology Stack

The Client determined the stack of technologies to be used in mobile app development:

  • Frontend engineers applied React Native because it is an open-source platform with a huge community that allowed for creating responsive UI with a smooth feel, reusing code and app components, and scaling the apps quickly.
  • Backend engineers worked with Amazon Web Services such as AWS RDB, AWS Cognito, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Aurora, AWS s3, AWS Lambda, etc. The difficulty was in applying AWS App Sync technology because it was new in the market, had no community, and our engineers had to learn how to use it properly so that all app parts could interact smoothly and without harm to each other.
Key Functionality

The mobile application provides cancer-diagnosed patients with a range of opportunities:

Monitoring symptoms. A recognised list of cancer symptoms is included within the appAll of them have an intensity level from 0 to 4 displayed in the app with green, amber, and red colors accordingly.

Engineers have also integrated the SDK of Bluetooth thermometer, iWatch (for iOS), and Google Fit (for Android) so that these connected devices could automatically send data to the app for further analysis. We will continue to integrate more wearable connected devices.

Notes. The patient can make notes with additional clarification of their symptoms, details of their health conditions, or other information. Notes can be either private or public.

Medication. A complicated app module allows patients to create schedules for taking medicine. The app has an integrated database of all cancer-related medications with various dosages. Patients, and their caregivers where linked, receive notifications to remind them to take their medications.

In-app calendar. The patient can open the calendar, click any date, and see the history of symptoms, medications taken, notes added, etc. Additionally, they are able to add their appointments into the calendar.


Engineers have also developed a functioning MVP of the web application that is aimed at hospitals. It is called Careology Professional and focuses on convenient interaction between patients and clinicians. The web application will show clinicians all information about the patient in real-time allowing them to respond quickly.

The web application will also have a private video conferencing channel with the feature of an immediate call right from the app.

Project Results

The iOS application is live and available for download from the App Store. The team keeps supporting the product and ensuring its high quality through professional QA services. Also, the team actively works on Android and web applications so they are on their way to public access soon.

Client's Feedback

Our Innovecs development team feels like they are part of Careology. They are instrumental in enabling us to be able to build and bring to market, an industry-leading product. They are highly skilled, willing to challenge and determine solutions with us as a team, and are dedicated to the Careology vision. We enjoy working with them every day.

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