iGaming Software Development

Building iGaming Solutions for All Platforms

With the deep expertise in iGaming software development, our engineers can take on the task of creating any game, from slots to iLottery and sports betting platforms, available online, on desktop and mobile.

iGaming Software Development Partner Helps:


Develop a new game


Describe your vision, provide specific game requirements, and our team will bring your idea to life by taking into consideration the budget and deadlines.


Improve game design


Let our iGaming team review and analyze the design of your game and provide ideas for its improvement. Make the game perform at a higher level.


Boost engagement


Make your iGaming solution interactive to engage more players. Apply trendy technologies such as virtual and augmented reality or others to grow your userbase.


Grow profits


Improve the user experience of your iGaming solution, add unique levels and game elements, and maintain quality performance at the same time to grow your business profits.

Diversity of Innovecs iGaming Services
First of all, Innovecs is responsible for shaping agile teams under the leadership of proven leads and game architects focused on delivery quality. These teams can take on the challenge of developing 2D / 3D slots with bonus games of various complexity levels and game art style featuring relevant markets. They can also be engaged in the development of iLotteries, bingo, fantasy sports, and table games. Our specialists build clean and easy-to-understand front-end and robust and scalable backend. They maintain game production from start to end and provide technical support after it goes live.
Game architecture analysis
Appropriate architecture approach
Powerful backend
Easy-to-understand frontend
game design outsourcing


Tomer Ozeri
QA and Tech-Ops Director, NeoGames
Jam City

Innovecs is an experienced game development company that worked with large-scale game publishers. Our engineers teamed up with in-house developers to augment their teams and collaborated with companies who needed to develop a game from scratch.

Innovecs can take responsibility for any stage of the game development as well as for the complete development process.

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Need help with iGaming software development?
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