Hyper-Casual Game Development

Establish Your Hyper-Casual Game Mechanics with Innovecs

Collaborate on developing a hyper-casual game with any mechanics chosen. Test the prototype, gain the game hitting the chart and making the user playing and investing resources. Establish an in-app monetization strategy. We obtained talents to provide you with full-cycle game development: from inception concept document to detailed GDD.

Get your hyper-casual game hit


Optimized game development


Innovecs agile teams provide an architecture approach based on the client’s requirements. They can use existing solutions on the market as well as deal with the client’s architecture, adding expertise value to perform complex tasks.


Game improvement ideas


Our agile teams led by skillful professionals are focused on delivering quality. We focus on snackability, user control power options, plain rules and clear game stage system, eye-catching art design as the basic hyper-casual game features.


Game architecture analysis and review


We know that plain clear structure is the priority of hyper-casual games, hence, we are always ready to review the product, deliver powerful backend and easy-to-understand frontend.


Post-production game support


Get the game designed and launched. We also provide you with post-production support, QA, and bug fixing to make the product perfect, gain smooth user-experience, and profitable monetization strategy.

If you are looking for a software development partner to build a casual game, we are ready to help

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Hyper-Casual Game Development at Innovecs
We provide you with engineering and developing teams to create the most fun experience possible, which will capture the players’ hearts and make them play endlessly. Innovecs team is about innovation so much, so we are ready to push the genre boundaries or refresh the existing game concept. We are focused on the impactful highly influential technologies and use cutting-edge tools in our game development works.
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Tomer Ozeri
QA and Tech-Ops Director, NeoGames
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Innovecs is an experienced game development company that worked with large-scale game publishers. Our engineers teamed up with in-house developers to augment their teams and collaborated with companies who needed to develop a game from scratch.

Innovecs can take responsibility for any stage of the game development as well as for the complete development process.

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Need assistance in hyper-casual game development?
Just contact us, explain the very idea of what you want, and be ready to maintain mutually-interested collaborative dialogue to create a hyper-casual game concept.