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Make Your Gaming Concept Come to Life

Get ready to collaborate on prototype creation, development, and product testing to perform better on long-term perspective. Innovecs has experience in releasing the titles making users entertain endlessly and engaging them to spend the resources while playing.

Experience our game development expertise and:


Create an ultimate game design


Receive powerful and scalable backend, clean and easy-to-understand frontend. We make awesome games, playing which the user can discover fun.


Get eye-catching game artwork


Gain game artwork perfectly created to produce an engaging game for constant playing and involving user experience.


Develop gaming software


Develop unique games, proceed QA and licensing (certification), App Store publishing under overall support. We build games on innovative engines with world-class gameplay.


Extend your team with high-quality professionals


Outsource professionals or augment your existing team with our highly-qualified game development engineers. They deal with game play, plot design, sound & artwork, AR/VR technologies.

If you are looking for a software development partner to build a casual game, we are ready to help

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Innovecs Creative Minds Ready to Do Thier Best
Develop complex games utilizing 2D, 3D artwork modules across iOS and Android platforms. Create the games providing players with fun, virtual comfort, sense of togetherness and power of control in gaming reality. Ensure there are no glitches and bugs during the game launch via prototype testing and app performance analyses. Push the boundaries considering extraordinary game concepts with our team.
Artworks development
Cutting-edge technologies
Game UI/UX
game design outsourcing


Tomer Ozeri
QA and Tech-Ops Director, NeoGames
Jam City

Innovecs is an experienced game development company that worked with large-scale game publishers. Our engineers teamed up with in-house developers to augment their teams and collaborated with companies who needed to develop a game from scratch.

Innovecs can take responsibility for any stage of the game development as well as for the complete development process.

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Need help with engaging game development?
If you are looking for a software development partner to come up with a variety of game concepts, high-level creative game artworks, reliable code, enough QA, contact us and we will get back to you with relevant proposals.