Building Hyper-Casual Games

Learn why these games are so popular and create your own

Develop a hyper-casual game from start to end with the team of Innovecs experts to benefit from its straightforward mechanics, minimal UI, simple gameplay, and overall availability. Integrate a simple in-game monetization model and cover a broader gaming audience with an engaging hyper-casual game.

Why you should change the focus to hyper-casual


Wide audience targeting


Due to its plain mechanics, hyper-casual games do not require learning “How to play” rules. People can enjoy these games from any device since they are lightweight and can run even on devices with limited storage.


Great revenue driver


Hyper-casual mobile games are easily monetized. Being it an installation fee, in-app purchases, in-app ads, or cross-promotion, your monetization strategy can work well due to the number of people wishing to find a perfect time-waster.


Smooth game development


With the set of requirements and overall vision, a hyper-casual game does not make a difficulty in development. Skilled game artists and software engineers can build a beautiful game with minimalistic UI on time and budget.


Quick time to market


While the development of the hyper-casual game does not require so much time as, for example, an RPG, it will go live faster. This means you will be able to start benefiting from the game in a short period.

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Developing a hyper-casual game with Innovecs
Having developed numerous hyper-casual games in their experience, our game developers and artists are ready to take on another project. Our teams are responsible for all stages of the development process from the definition of requirements and project analysis to prototype, design, development itself, QA, and post-release support. They focus on quality and apply the best technologies to achieve set goals.
Game prototype and design
Mechanics of your choice (or merged)
Unity engine for development
Games for Android and iOS
game design outsourcing
Want to create a hyper-casual game?
Just contact us, explain the very idea of what you want, and be ready to maintain mutually-interested collaborative dialogue to create a hyper-casual game concept.