(from Mango Ltd) achieves seamless Mobile Gaming with AWS 
As a newcomer in the highly competitive mobile gaming industry, "Funimalz" (a Mango Ltd game) faced the daunting task of delivering an exceptional gaming experience while ensuring the security and availability of its game servers and resources. Mango Ltd turned to Innovecs Games for a solution, and together with AWS, Innovecs Games played a pivotal role in transforming their challenges into opportunities for growth and success. 
Mango Ltd embarked on a journey to establish itself in the mobile gaming market with “Funimalz” game. Funimalz set out to become the first ever amalgamation of the social casino, farm and pet simulation genres. The team’s primary challenge was to create a captivating online gaming experience for players while guaranteeing the security and high availability of the game services and resources. 
Keys for Success 
The success of this project hinged on achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) such as seamless gameplay, rapid deployment of updates, real-time monitoring, and efficient data storage. 
Innovecs Solution  
In collaboration with Innovecs Games, "Funimalz" adopted AWS as its cloud solution of choice. This enabled them to leverage a scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible infrastructure. Innovecs applied AWS services such as Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, DynamoDB, OpenSearch, X-Ray, CloudWatch, and more to craft a comprehensive solution. 
By embracing the Cloud and AWS services, deployed and managed by Innovecs Games, "Funimalz" achieved a seamless gaming experience for its players. Rapid feature deployment was made possible through matured DevOps practices using services like AWS DevOps toolchain, Elastic Beanstalk and EC2. DynamoDB and OpenSearch that facilitated efficient data storage and retrieval. Real-time performance monitoring with AWS X-Ray and CloudWatch ensured any issues were swiftly identified and resolved.

With these building blocks in place, Innovecs  Games developed a high-quality game, using a reliable infrastructure and security, ultimately contributing to the success in the competitive mobile gaming market. 
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