Developing a Telehealth Platform from Zero to Hundred

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June 6, 2019 5 min read

Femi Premium is an Israel-based company handling service-intense projects and sophisticated processes. The company partners up with top corporations coming from the Israeli insurance industry.
The company aims to make medical treatment easily accessible and provide telemedicine solutions to healthcare organizations and premium clients.
Femi Premium is strongly committed to the provision of quality services, implementing projects in procurement, healthcare, and other industries.

Business Challenges

Femi Premium required developing a telehealth platform to facilitate interactions between medical specialists and patients.

The biggest hurdle was to create the product from scratch bringing technical requirements in compliance with the active medical regulations.

Balancing between new features development and the existing production version support was another challenge to be solved.

Product in Essence

The product delivered is a telehealth (or telemedicine) platform bridging the distance between medical organizations and patients through online doctor appointments and video conferencing. So far, it is the only telehealth platform used nationwide.

Team Involved

The tech team comprised backend, frontend, and mobile developers as well as quality assurance and development operations engineers.

Innovecs is always receptive and responsive to our needs. Everything you need is quickly handled at all levels from CEO down to anybody else on the team. Here, people are ready to help us succeed.
Danny Ogen,
VP of R&D at Femi Premium

Technology Stack

  • Java on the microservices side
  • Node.js for API
  • The GRPC framework communicating with the Node.js API server
  • The API server exposing API with GraphQL
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery
  • Selenium for the web browser automation

technology stack

Work Done

Cloud and On-Premise Software

The platform was supposed to be a cloud-based SaaS solution with a multi-tenancy feature. Making it for the cloud only, however, contradicted the medical regulations established, which is why the solution deployed has been made available online and on-premise.

It is a big achievement to bootstrap a product from zero to hundred within one year, especially in an enterprise grade with all the security requirements fulfilled. I think it is quite impressive by all standards.
Danny Ogen,
VP of R&D at Femi Premium

Scalable System Architecture

Started security and performance testing. Implemented automated acceptance tests based on Gherkin. Written once, they can be configured to match Java, JavaScript, and Ruby. The tests helped bring the software in compliance with the business requirements.

Native App Development

Native app development added more flexibility to the product so that each required feature can be implemented within short time frames without harming the user experience.

Backend and API Development

The backend was written in Java, which is a safe bet in terms of potential performance and security. Node.js used for the API development improved the system flexibility and allowed generating quick APIs and bootstrapping easily.

Communication Between Microservices

Communication between microservices and Node.js APIs is based on a GRPC protocol enhanced by Google. It is one of the fastest solutions today. It allows distributing the system across multiple places without performance loss.

API Development

The API server exposes API with GraphQL, which is a more advanced REST API solution introduced by Facebook to interface with web clients and mobile applications.

Mobile App Quality Assurance

To improve product quality, there were carried out a series of Unit tests for mobile applications.

Value Delivered

  • A secure and fast enterprise-level solution built in line with the established medical regulations.
  • An easily scalable system owing to microservice-oriented infrastructure.
  • An intuitive user experience achieved through the native mobile applications.

Why partner up with Innovecs

Innovecs is a software development company with over 400 tech talents on board. We have been in the market since 2011, and have
accumulated expertise in GameDev, Supply Chain, Healthcare, AdTech, FinTech, eCommerce, and a few more industries. Strong technology expertise and commitment to clients’ business goals are among the key objectives of our team.

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