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A Digitized Solution for a Global In-Region Printing Company

Media and Ad Tech
Provider of printing services
Company Type
Limited liability company
7+ years
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Flat rate
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Angular, PHP, PostgreSQL, Adyen
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About the Client

The client provides local printing services around the world. Companies, as well as individuals, can utilize this printing platform to order professional printing of their materials with timely delivery to a specific location, no matter where.

The client’s platform is a digital printing marketplace where you can have anything printed, from greeting cards, posters, and letterheads to brochures and notebooks. They’re capable of delivering to over 100 countries around the world.

Challenge: Entering the New Market

Initially, the client’s platform was focused only on providing business-to-customer (B2C) printing services. The company enabled individuals to order photo books, greeting cards, or posters from the website and delivered these printed materials directly to the client.

The challenge arose when the company started receiving orders from various businesses. The client’s website was not optimized for business-to-business (B2B) orders and did not include any commercial printing templates.

To build a new printing platform aimed at businesses, the company was searching for a reliable software development partner with the experience in building B2B projects from scratch. By partnering with Innovecs, the company overcame this challenge of expanding the audience and entering the new B2B market by building a full-fledged business-oriented printing website.

Solution: Full-Cycle Website Development

Innovecs’ team of software engineers was responsible for the full-cycle development of the B2B printing platform, including UI prototyping, development of the website, and implementation of new features.

The first stable platform release took place in 2012 and lasted for 36 hours, providing an error-free and seamless launch.

Since then, product releases have taken place once every two weeks, with the development process being built on the Agile methodology.

The website corresponds to all client’s requirements and is being tested by the Innovecs’ colleagues from the client’s side.

Let’s discuss what features were developed

6Digital Asset Management

To streamline the process of uploading files for printing into the platform’s library, our engineers developed and implemented a Digital Asset Management solution, which allows users to synchronize their files stored on the third-party online storage platforms, such as Dropbox, with a client’s platform.

If you’ve stored your files for printing on Dropbox, you do not have to repeatedly upload them to the client’s platform, and when you remove a file from Dropbox, it’s also removed from the printing platform.

Granular User Access Levels

Compared to the B2C printing solution, the business platform required more control over users engaged in the process of printing order management.

For better control over users, Innovecs’ engineers implemented the option of creating user roles and assigning them different permissions within their teams.

For example, the designer who uploads the mockup to the platform has no right to carry out payments for printing services. So, you grant this designer permission to upload files, while other actions within the platform are forbidden. Then, you invite someone responsible for payments and grant them access levels that relate to payments.

1In-Depth Reporting

For businesses, it is important to keep finances in strict order. For this, Innovecs’ developers implemented a real-time reporting functionality that helps keep control over the printing costs.

This advanced reporting tool aims to help you plan future printing budget more effectively.

5Adobe Extension

To simplify the life of designers toiling at templates for printing, Innovecs’ engineers created Adobe extension. This application programming interface allows for the uploading of designs for printing right from InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, without even converting                              them to PDF.

4Convenient Billing Options

A well-designed payment method is a part of the platform’s user-friendliness. To enable users to easily transfer money for printing services, Innovecs’ engineers integrated Adyen system, which accepts payments on mobile and point-of-sale transactions.

Result of Partnership

For over seven years, the printing service provider has been collaborating with Innovecs.

The Innovecs’ team that’s responsible for the development includes six Senior Software Engineers supervised by two Lead Software Engineers with an average of ten years of relevant experience.

At the moment, the engineers are working to improve the Digital Asset Management solution and expect new functionality requirements from the customer.

Client’s Feedback

Point of view
“From my side, I can say that I'm super happy with the Innovecs team. They are focused, dedicated and skilled engineers. I especially value the ‘get things done’ attitude. No matter what, even if requirements are not clear, they will either move with assumptions, without waiting for my input (but of course sharing those assumptions with me) or clarify requirements with business themselves. Innovecs’ guys are not only professionals but also fun personalities. It's very easy to communicate with them.”
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