Innovecs Announces the Appointment of Roger Pavane to the Board of Managing Directors

Roger Pavane

Point of view
“Every business is built by talented and ambitious people. I’m happy to invite Roger to the Board of Managing Directors as his leadership will be critical as we expand rapidly into new global markets.”
Alex Lutskiy,
CEO & Co-founder of Innovecs

Innovecs recently opened offices in London, Israel, and San Francisco and is forming an elite team that will lead the company’s next phase of growth.

Roger Pavane is a C-level B2B and B2C mobile technology, software platform: sales and marketing management pioneer working with senior executives across multiple vertical markets for over 25 years. Roger’s background sits at the crossroads of mobile media and technology that covers ad tech, fintech, OTT-messaging-video, iOS/Android apps, e-commerce, mobile advertising, content, loyalty, m-commerce, mobile payments, gaming, and location-based services serving many diverse corporate and consumer environments. Roger has worked with many high-profile early-stage start-ups and large enterprise companies such as Liberty Media, PayOne, and JP Morgan generating over $4billion in revenue, creating strategies, identifying new opportunities, and opening new markets that target/garner results. Roger holds a BSEE from CUNY, New York. He is an active board member of many industry organizations.

Point of view
“This is a great time to be in the software space, as the market for professional and specialized software development continues to explode, it’s both a pleasure and an honor for me to be on the board of Innovecs, and I look forward to helping Innovecs drive the business here in the Americas.”
Roger Pavane,
Managing Director of Innovecs